Uber – IPO teething troubles




Uber, the transportation network, had a disappointing launch on the New York Stock Exchange yesterday but no one seems overly worried given that Facebook also slid when first traded. The company has lived through multiple scandals and running criticism but appears to be holding firm.

The co-founder Travis Kalanick resigned in 2017 over the climate of sexual harassment within the firm but remains a large shareholder and board member.

He looks less than delirious at the moment with his Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his Mars and the next several years look like a bumpy ride though he has fingers in various pies so it may not all be Uber. He looks exceptionally successful financially in 2022/2023 from tr Pluto trine his Jupiter.

The CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, born 28 May 1969 in Teheran, looks tense and irritable this year with tr Uranus conjunct his Saturn in Taurus, but is forging ahead confidently in 2020/21 with tr Pluto trine his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint and even more so come 2021/2022 with tr Pluto trine his Jupiter, so presumably it’ll all come right given time.

Though the original company chart, 1 May 2009 looks swampy and undermined in this year and next with tr Neptune opposition the Saturn; and still wobbling in 2022/23 with tr Neptune conjunct its Uranus.


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  1. It’s down more than 10 % in this moment. I think it started trading exactly at 12 p.m. on Friday, 10 May 2019, in Manhattan, NY, USA, which should be the chart of the stock.

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