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June 22 - July 23

Today's Horoscope for Sunday November 17th

Your moods tend to chop and change fairly quickly with the Moon around in your own sign, one moment charmingly outgoing and the next in fast retreat. Highly sensitive to slights, you may over-react, hear what was not intended, or disappear behind a defensive barrier at a whiff of criticism. So you'll need to throw your excess energy into reorganising at home otherwise the poor family will continually be getting told off for their shortcomings.

The Weekly Outlook from 11th November

Although you really want the chance to flirt, have fun and enjoy yourself, you may have a niggling thought about sorting out a few longer- term schemes. If you play away the day, tomorrow may not look after itself. Certainly you do want to expand your life, to get away from routines. Doing anything that gives you a sense of meaning and satisfaction is a must. But sometimes the more you attempt, the less you succeed. If you trim back your high hopes and go one step at a time, then you'll find the end result is better.

Your Monthly Horoscope for November

A busy social life will keep you on your toes and you'll not miss an opportunity to shine in the spotlight and entertain an audience. But the mood at home will be sticky for three weeks, with some arguments and general grumbles around. You won't be happy about one of your pet projects going slow, but taking your irritation home with you won't help. Be patient, unpick mistakes and wait till the tide turns. Your closest partner won't always be flexible so you may come to a stalemate early on. Don't push differences on and on since it'll leave a sour taste. Agree to disagree and forget it. Just before mid month you'll pull several loose ends together and feel back in control. Then your energy and passionate enthusiasm will soar so for the final days you'll be on rip roaring good form. You won't avoid hard work but you will have enough energy to allow you to pack in enjoyment as well as duty.

and Next Month's Horoscope for December

Head down and slogging on, you'll feel as if it's all work and no play for a few weeks. But needs must that the chores get done so looking after health and fitness will be crucial. Energy going out needs to be replenished by rest, good food and exercise. Relationship tensions will gradually ease through the month with easy-going Jupiter moving into your opposite sign of Capricorn from the 2nd for a year ahead. There will still be wrinkles to be ironed out and dilemmas to be resolved. But there will be luck around to smooth round a few rough edges. Out on the social scene as well you'll be popular for your knack of putting others at their ease. A new opportunity mid month will pout the sparkle back in your eye whether it is romantic or on the work front. Then after the 22nd you'll be less drained by overwork and able to wind down with more support around. The Capricorn Solar Eclipse will prompt you to rethink your attitudes to one close partnership. Being less self-sufficient and more flexible will help.

Year Ahead 2019

This is a key year for you with Eclipses in Cancer and your opposites sign of Capricorn. You\'ll sense you\'re at a crossroads and need to make major decisions about your path ahead and about close relationships. Partnerships may be strained as the year opens but the loyal bonds will remain steadfast. Only the shaky, flaky ones will go to the wall. What is vital is that you aim to be more adaptable and co-operative in the first half of the year, giving the needs of those close as much attention as you do your own. Health and work look well-starred with Jupiter in Sagittarius till December. You\'ll recover from minor ailments faster than usual and apart from weight gain you\'ll be on top form. More enthusiasm and support in your career will make for fun times with the promise of better pay and conditions. New friends will zip in and out of your life like fireflies - exciting when they\'re there but fairly erratic. They\'ll give you the courage to try out new and exciting ventures. What\'s for sure is that your plans for the future will be changing radically. By mid year you\'ll know certain resolutions which have been bubbling cannot be pushed aside any longer. A more independent phase for a few months will see you making your own choices, which may not always meet with agreement or approval. But you\'ll know that any commitments must be made by you and you alone. A more amiable mood in love and relationships will gradually set in from December onwards pointing to a more co-operative and sociable 2020.

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