Your Starsign


July 24 - August 23

Your Birthday Horoscope

IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be hard-working, responsible and a slow slog at times so you'll need to pace yourself and not overstretch your stamina. Looking after yourself and staying fit will be vital. Joint finances will be confused perhaps because the information or advice coming your way isn't reliable. Do you own double checking even if it takes an effort. There will be sudden changes of direction so you'll need to stay on your toes and ready to grasp new opportunities which come your way.

Today's Horoscope for Wednesday August 12th

Your life may not be ecstatic but, if it makes you feel better, be reassured that others are feeling much as you. Use the time wisely to decide what needs to be saved and what abandoned from your life since there is no doubt that change is overdue though you will feel like resisting. You may put yourself under strain but just as quickly you will throw your energy into resolving your problems. You won't find cooperation easy but you know if you stand your ground, differences will be resolved.

The Weekly Outlook from 10th August

Pluto now moving through an earthy region of your chart does suggest you need to turn your attention and energy towards more practical concerns. You will be in a position to improve your physical lifestyle and therefore your levels of fitness. Where work and your daily chores are concerned you'll also be dreaming up ways of finding a new approach. OK Just immediately life is difficult temporarily but it'll be possible to transform important aspects of your life if you try.

Your Monthly Horoscope for August

Your birthday Sun will fill you with warm-hearted exuberance and rising confidence so you'll step out boldly and be aware that everyone close is paying more attention to your great delight. Not that you'll necessarily always want to fit in. Early on you'll be rebellious and insisting on going your own way. A sudden change of direction will need to be negotiated swiftly so you can get back to enjoying yourself. You'll be thinking big and aiming high, keen to find adventure and ways of avoiding anything routine and dreary. You won't always be practical but you will be inspired and have faith in your ideas. Over committing yourself will be a slight risk as you leap excitably off after an exciting project in the first week and then discover you have to backtrack when you run into a road block. Your energy won't be limitless so try to be sensible. You may not be as sociable or as romantic as usual but you won't be short of good company. Into the final week you'll be pushing hard to improve your financial situation with half an eye to giving yourself more surplus to spend.

and Next Month's Horoscope for September

With romantic, flirtatious, charming Venus moving into your own sign for a few weeks, you'll be looking great and lapping up compliments. But behind your radiant smiles you'll be busily occupied sorting out financial and other practical matters. You'll sense that favourable winds are blowing behind you so this is a great time to boost your security and sort out the organisational side of your life. That will include fitness and health since how you look after your body will dictate how much energy you will have to devote to your priorities. The triple conjunct on Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn will give you a nudge in the right direction. Admittedly you may have to persevere and not allow setbacks to dampen your spirits. But where there's a will there's a way and you'll be pleased at how well you're doing by the 22nd. In the final week you'll be skipping through a light-hearted and varied everyday schedule.

Year Ahead 2020

2020 may not be your favourite year as a fiery, inspirational, sailing-along-the-top-of-the-cloud-tops kind of personality. The heavyweight Saturn Pluto conjunction in sombre Capricorn will weigh you down at times with too much work, duty or demands on your energy. Staying fit and healthy will be crucial if your stamina is being tested and not pushing past your limits will be important. Learning to listen to your body and respect its needs may come hard since you're not naturally attuned to the earthly realm. But you won't get away with over stretching yourself. What will help is Jupiter following behind which is expansive, supportive, good for confidence and curing minor ailments.rnYour career path and general life's direction will follow the same roller coaster trajectory as last year. One moment you'll be up and the next moment you'll find everything slows down. Just as you lay solid plans you'll find events overtake you and they have to be revised in a hurry. So you'll need to always have Plans B, C and D up your sleeve for emergencies. You won't feel like co-operating or toeing anyone else's line so organise a corner where you can be in charge and please yourself.rnJoint finances will be under confused stars so don't trust all the information or advice coming your way.rnClose relationships will move into a cooler few months from March which won't be a problem where the bond is secure. But there may be more negativity or criticism hanging around and you'll tend to see the flaws in partner's behaviour rather than appreciate their plus points. Try not to go to extremes in your reactions.rnAfter mid year you'll be aiming high, keen to inject more adventure into your routines, with travel if possible. Though it'll be a bumpy ride out in the universe so staying close to home and finding a new hobby might be wiser.rnTowards next New Year your social life will be revitalised and you'll be less weighed down by practical concerns.