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November 23 - December 22

Today's Horoscope for Monday March 18th

You will push indulgences to one side to concentrate on becoming more efficient and better organised. Just remember every detail does not need to be in the right place. Ease up and accept imperfections, both your own and others. You will achieve a good deal of fine quality, though you rarely blow your own trumpet, preferring instead to take pride in a job well done. Don't get furious if someone disagrees with you. Stand back and try to enjoy the challenge.

The Weekly Outlook from 18th March

Throw your energy into something that is going to be useful for you. OK so life is difficult just temporarily,but it is possible to change important aspects of your life. From mid week your creative talents could be finding a better outlet, so push to find the self discipline to make more use of them. You want to be around entertainment more than usual, especially music or the theatre. Children will bring you pleasure and you'll enjoy playing their games.

Your Monthly Horoscope for March

Slowing down to spend more time at home and focus on family and domestic matters will be appealing but you won't manage it exclusively. There will be a pile of chores in front of you and your sense of responsibility will keep you nose to the grindstone at times. Try not to be perfectionist and delegate when you can otherwise you'll end up over committing yourself and over-stretching your stamina. A loved one may not act as you had hoped so try to forgive and move on rather than getting stuck in disappointment. Everyday companions at work and in the neighbourhood will go out of their way to make you feel appreciated which will help. Gradually due to your own stalwart efforts you'll begin to get your finances knocked into better shape. From the 20th you'll toss cares to one side and be off to enjoy yourself, flirting and having fun.

and Next Month's Horoscope for April

With plenty of chances to shine in the spotlight at parties and with loved ones rallying round, you'll be in your element for three weeks. Enjoyment, entertainment, sport are all high on your priority list and you'll be demanding what you fancy. An amiable mood at home and within the family will make for relaxing and indulgent moments when you slow down enough to put your feet up. Improving the d�cor will also grab your attention since you'll want beauty, elegance and colour around. Not that everything will be possible since a couple of financial dilemmas will need to be resolved before you go throwing money around. Save where you can and try not to get overly obsessed by always being in control. Your lucky touch will pull a few rabbits out of hats by mid month and you'll be on your way. Later you'll be balancing duty with pleasure, work with indulgence since you won't escape a pile of chores but there'll also be a stream of fun social invitations. Close partners won't always be calm so you'll need to keep the peace.

Year Ahead 2019

With lucky, expansive Jupiter, your ruler, in your own sign for eleven months, you'll have moments of soaring confidence. Better relationships in general and resources coming your way are the gift of Jupiter, and also the message that what you give out comes back to you ten-fold. For all that you'll be preoccupied with tedious matters like money. Tightening your belt and cutting out indulgences will need to be the order of your budget as you instil more order into your finances with an eye to your longer-term security. It'll take perseverance and grit to move ahead with your plans but where there's a will there's a way. At work you'll notice a new spirit of defiance as you opt for a niche where you can follow through on your own ideas and not always be feeling others' instructions. You'll want to spread your wings and be free to suit yourself which may cause a few waves, but you won't care. Where health is concerned, you may be a touch nervy or highly strung so finding ways of winding down and re-centring will help your physical stamina. At home there may be a few muddles or disappointments since not everything will be coming up to expectation. Try to accept that perfection isn't possible and reality takes a bite out of every dream. Be happy with what you have and be forgiving if loved ones are sometimes preoccupied or evasive. Finding a new way of sharing, caring, relating and co-operating will be key to the second half year with the Cancer Solar Eclipse shining a light on all joint ventures, financial and emotional. Old habits die hard so it won't all be easy but if you can make a super-human effort to change then you'd find more fulfilment and satisfaction as the months go on. Money will finally start to come in faster towards the year end, setting you up for a more prosperous 2020.

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