The Virgo Princess and the Scorpio Shaman



Princess Martha Louise of Norway, divorced and fourth in line of succession to the throne, has caused a flutter of excitement amongst Royal watchers by taking up with an American shaman, Durek Verrett, as a boyfriend.  He was raised in California and has had Gwyneth Paltrow amongst his clients, though caused some controversy by professing to cure cancer and reverse ageing. Martha Louise has always been interested in alternative healing and clairvoyance.

She was born 22 September 1971 5.07 pm Oslo, Norway, and has an intense other-worldly Sun Pluto in Virgo in the 8th with Venus, Uranus and a Scorpio Moon also in the 8th – so no surprises she wants to be connected to realms beyond reality. She’s also got a rather wobbly, neurotic, up-and-down Saturn in Gemini opposition Neptune Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Her new beau, 17 November 1974, California, is an intense and charming Sun Venus in Scorpio; with a determined and secretive Mars Mercury also in Scorpio and a (wide) healing though not necessarily practical Water Grand Trine of Jupiter in Pisces trine Saturn in Cancer trine Mercury Mars.

His Scorpio planets will match her need for depth with a her strong 8th house; and his Pluto is conjunct her Venus for a spark of passion. But it’s not really a great mix with her contrary Mars in Aquarius clashing with his Mars.

Their relationship chart has a needs-space composite Sun Uranus; with an adventurous Uranus square Jupiter; and an unkind-treatment and one-sided composite Mars opposition Saturn.

Methinks it won’t be around for ever.

Princess Pic: Frankie Fouganthin


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  1. I think Märtha Louise’s personality has been molded by the fact his father and mother had to wait for 9 years before they were given a permission to marry from “Old King” Olav. Märtha Louise also was the first born, before her brother Haakon, but when she was born, Norwegian Constitution stated women only could ascend to throne if there weren’t male heirs. Sweden had similar constitution. This was, of course, considered downright backwards in a Scandinavian country by the 1970’s. While Norway eventually changed Constitution, Crown Prince Haakon was already born, and they decided he should remain the heir. Sweden faced a similar dilemma, when Carl XVI Gustaf – himself the 5th (!) child after four older sisters – had a daughter. Swedish Parliament decided she should be the heir when her brother was born, almost exactly 40 years ago today, but the decision was formalized January 1st, 1980. So, very different decisions, although it’s said King Carl XVI Gustaf didn’t want her to become crown princess (I think he is very, very glad of this today, since she is an extremely hardworking, solid double Cancer, who is basically the reason very few Swedes want to get rid of Monarchy now).

  2. He has an unaspected Uranus and lo and behold, her Sun comes onto it. Good for him.

    She has an unaspected Moon (ruler of her 6th house). His Mercury is close to it. Not bad again.

    He also puts a lot of his planets in her 9th house. A theme of her philosophical explorations.

    How fitting that she has a Jupiter–Neptune conjunction (religion, expansion with other reals, dreams, and spirituality) in her 9th house, of religion, philosophies, spiritual pursuits. Jupiter expands, Neptune dissolves. And all of that in philosophic Sagittarius.

    The Daily Mail has just profiled him.

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