Ruth Westheimer – a bundle of fire and air



Ruth Westheimer, the sex therapist and media personality is still going strong as she nears 91. She’s the subject of a new documentary, Ask Dr Ruth, with a European premiere at Sundance Film Festival London later this month; then off to Japan, back to Oxford to debate pornography, her annual trip to Switzerland, where she spent the war in an orphanage, and Israel. She has a teaching schedules at Hunter and Columbia universities in New York, a column for Time, an upcoming children’s book, and a new edition of her bestselling guide, Sex for Dummies and her work for Jewish Heritage.

Born 4 June 1928 4am Karlstadt, Germany, she was sent to Switzerland after her father was arrested on Kristallnacht in 1939 and she never saw either of her parents again. She became a sniper in Palestine after the war, was injured, moved to France to study psychology and thence to the USA. She’s been married three times with two children.

She has an exuberant and multi-tasking Sun, North Node and Venus in Gemini on her Ascendant. Her Sun opposes Saturn Moon in Sagittarius giving her a work ethic and a drive to communicate her knowledge. Her upfront Mars in Aries is in an uncompromising conjunction with Uranus and is in a hard-edged trine to her Moon Saturn as well as a challenging square to Pluto – not an easy life or experiences.  Her Mercury in emotional Cancer is in an outspoken square to Uranus and an argumentative square to Mars which would help when talking about sex was not as well accepted as it is nowadays.

She also has a wide inspirational, entrepreneurial and attention-demanding Fire Grand Trine of Jupiter in Aries trine Neptune trine her Moon.

Oddly enough for a life and career very much focussed on sex she has no Earth planets – 6 Fire, two Air, 2 Water. Freud had four planets in Taurus including his Sun. But her contribution was obviously a ‘heady’ one primarily as a communicator.

2 thoughts on “Ruth Westheimer – a bundle of fire and air

  1. Oh, yes.. .it’s true.

    I only have Pluto at 0 degrees Virgo… lost of fire, air and Sun in water.
    What do I do for work? 33 years as a Reg. Massage Therapist!
    I often say my Life’s theme is, “Desperately Seeking Earth”….
    a play on that movie from awhile ago.

    I have a friend with no water in her chart…. now 75 years old.
    A lifetime of focus on deeply understanding her emotions.

    It’s also true, Marjorie…. my “earth” comes through the filters of fire, air and water for sure.
    My friend’s “water” is most definitely expressed through all her air.

    Lovely to read of Ms. Ruth…. what a woman, eh?

    take care,

  2. Bill Gates also has a lack of Earth. And someone said: you wouldn’t think so, would you? Adding that he then perhaps overcompensates for it. It makes sense.

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