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  1. Marjorie: A public hearing before the U.S. Senate focusing on Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual-assault accusation against Brett Kavanaugh is set for 10 a.m. on Monday, Sept. 24. Any thoughts?

  2. Marjorie,
    Today is the 231st Anniversary of the U.S. Constitution signed on September 17 1787 in Philadelphia, PA.
    (Have seen a time of 11.29a.m.) but you may have another/others.
    Given current events, any thoughts?
    Best wishes and thank you if you look into.

  3. Reddit has banned 57 Q and QAnon subs. New attempts to start up subs are being reported and the subs squashed. Whomp whomp, wigga wiggas.

      • From what I learned on reddit yesterday:
        Q gave his followers a slogan, “Where We Go One, We Go All”. However, this was ditched for an acronym, because—words.
        WWG1WGA was ditched because—letters.
        The number one was ditched because—numbers.
        So now they shout “wiggy” wigga at Trump rallies. Somehow the 1 is now a Y.
        I “wigga” wigga’d them: we all go, we all go, because—buh bye!
        Whomp whomp (or variation womp womp) is the sound of a sad trombone: whomp whooomp.

        They are basically Y’all Qaida, and have threatened every kind of violence to those who don’t worship Trump.

  4. Dear Marjorie,

    Doug Ford has unleashed a bill and the notwithstanding clause for the Canadian Charter of rights
    matches what you forcast
    chaos and fear- for many people

    • As a clarification for others, Doug Ford is the new premier of Ontario (the oldest province in Canada, formerly Lower Canada) and the brother of the famously cocaine-snorting former Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford.

      Doug Ford was sworn in as Premier on June 29, 2018, on the lawns of the provincial legislature in Toronto.

      He obviously has issues with the City of Toronto, as his government is trying to shrink the City Council by about half (from 44 to 25) by passing a bill. This was blocked by a federal judge under the freedom of expression part of the Canadian Charter of rights (part of the Canadian Constitution).

      However, that Charter allows a government to enact laws dispensing with (thence the name of the clause “Non withstanding”) specific parts of the Charter for a period of five years (i.e. until after the next election, when such dispensation lapses if not renewed after the next election).

      Doug Ford has stated that he intends to use the Nonwithstanding clause with the bill shrinking the Toronto City Council, thus bypassing judicial rejection on that specific point.

      Possible key dates:
      Doug Ford birthdate – November 20, 1964 at Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
      Doug Ford government formation – June 29, 2018 at Toronto, Ont, Canada
      Incorporation of Toronto as a city – March 6, 1834
      Creation of the modern City of Toronto (merger of six municipalities including the old City of Toronto), in spite of public opposition, incidentally by the same party as Doug Ford – January 1, 1998

      All information from Wikipedia and the Star (Canadian newspaper)

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