Jupiter into Sagittarius – a zeitgeist moment



Jupiter moves into Sagittarius this coming Thursday November 8th to stay for a year. Given that Jupiter’s shift into Scorpio last October coincided to the day with Ronan Farrow’s New Yorker expose of Weinstein, kicking the #metoo campaign into gear, it’s worth looking out for a zeitgeist moment.

Jupiter in mythology is Zeus, King of the Gods who sits on top of Mount Olympus.  As an astrological influence it is idealistic, expansive, a bringer of knowledge, emphasises morality and honour – can also be self-righteous, narrow minded or overly confident. Scorpio, of course, rules sexuality and money.

Sagittarius, Jupiter’s natural home, is a different energy, concerned with legality, social order, widescale communication, international affairs.

Looking back to the two previous times of Jupiter in Sagittarius – keep in mind there will have been other planetary influences running as well. November 23 2006 to late 2007. In the UK it started badly with Alexander Litvinenko’s death from Kremlin-orchestrated polonium poisoning; a bomb attempt at the North Ireland Assembly; and a run of prostitute murders by the Ipswich killer; with the cash-for-honours scandal in 2007 and Tony Blair standing down. In the USA in the Mid Terms the Democrats took control of both houses. The USA housing bubble burst leading to the great 2008 crash. Nancy Pelosi became the first female Speaker; Obama announced his candidacy.

The previous time: December 1994 to December 1995. There was a major LA earthquake (though that was more likely connected to a Uranus Neptune conjunction and Saturn square Pluto). Nicole Brown was murdered leading to the subsequent OJ Simpson trial in October 1994, known as the trial of the century.  In the UK, Barings Bank collapsed because of a rogue trader. Princess Diana shocked the nation with her Panorama interview. And the UK had its own grisly trial of Rosemary West for sexual abuse and murder of girls, after the suicide in prison of her equally culpable husband Fred (again that was at least as much connected to a virulent Mars Pluto conjunction in late Scorpio).

Anyways, interesting to see what Zeus’ thunderbolt will produce.

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  1. Will the Galactic Centre at 26 Sagittarius play any part in this? Or are fixed stars not really considered influential enough compared to a planet and its aspects? Thanks.

  2. It’s also worth looking at this compared to National Charts. For instance, The US Sibly Chart famously has 12′ Sadgittarius Ascendant, so there’s always very visible change of tone during Jupiter in Sadgittarius. In Nordic Countries, both Sweden (1865 chart I prefer using, since the whole affair with Gustav Wasa building The Nation in the 16th Century was messy) and Finland have Sun 13-14 degrees, as well as a late Gemini Ascendant. Major difference between two nations is Sweden’s flashy Leo Moon – they really make a show of that Social Justice thing – compared to Finland’s awkward Virgo Moon – there’s no other Nation as preoccupied on what others are thinking about them. But, Jupiter passage in Sadgittarius is generally speaking good time in these countries, giving greater international visibility and prestige. Both countries entered EU in 1995, and have benefitted of it maybe more than any other country bar Ireland. 2006 and 2007 were still good years for Nordic Region financially, and although manufacturing was hit by the Global Financial Crisis in late 2008, Swedish and Finnish banks were well covered thanks to lessons from early 1990’s crisis.

  3. Interesting times for sure. Last time Jupiter was in Sagittarius there was a period with Mars in Aries and Uranus in Aquarius, but nothing quite like this. Although it struck me that symbolically, it could represent a situation where nothing happens, all planets comfortably in their own signs and no concessions being made.

  4. Jupiter Squares Neptune in Pisces on January, June, and September of next year. That aspect will probably define Jupiter’s transit through Sagittarius more than any. Given this, I’d probably say that next year will be defined by weakening asset values economically speaking; politically speaking, we might have an increased uptick in fake news and false narratives spun by governments and industry. Exaggerated rhetoric might be the rule of the day. Increased drug use might also be a consequence of this aspect.

    With Saturn approaching its conjunction to Pluto (within a 3 degree orb this spring and early summer), don’t expect as upbeat of an atmosphere as has been present over the past 2 years. We are headed for a more serious time where the global power structure — governmental and financial institutions especially — will be stress tested to an extreme, leading to a reset of the economic order.

  5. In January 2019, we will have four planets, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune in the signs of their rulership. That will be interesting!

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