Emmanuel Macron – his troubles don’t come singly



Emmanuel Macron is spinning through a series of crises, some of them self-created with the Notre Dame fire adding to his challenges. The gilets jaunes (yellow vest) protests against economic inequality and rising fuel prices forced him into a humiliating climbdown that will add to the national deficit and make it less likely he can push through any more much needed and promised reforms.  His isolated Presidential style of government is coming under increasing criticism. His initial hope for a Franco-German pact to move towards a more federalist EU has been dashed. And he’s now at daggers drawn with Italy, the UN and the EU and siding with Egypt over his support for Haftar, the Libya rebel leader at present bombing Tripoli, in the hope he can secure Libyan oilfields for France. The volatile situation in Libya could land Italy with another wave of migrants and spike oil prices if the crude oil supply is disrupted.

Four planets including his Sun in fiery Sagittarius and Mars in bombastic, flamboyant Leo give him inspiration, confidence a sense of entitlement but not much practicality or team-building ability either within France or across Europe.

His Solar Arc Sun and Mercury have been in a ‘collision’ opposition to his Mars in recent months over the increasingly violent internal demonstrations; and he’s had a trapped, frustrating tr Pluto square his Sun/Mars which continues on till late this year.

At the moment over the Notre Dame tragedy he has tr Pluto square his Saturn/Neptune midpoint which usually accompanies a major depression and a highly disconcerting event. That runs on and off till late 2020.

His Presidency chart has tr Saturn square the Midheaven  and square Jupiter through this year for setbacks; and it has tr Pluto trine the Sun for a definite challenge to change. Tr Neptune is in a panicky failure square to the Presidency Mars in November/December this year. So more slipping and sliding to come.

On his personal chart tr Saturn is heading for his Ascendant from early next year, though it zig zags back into his 12th till late year – this is the start of a lower profile few years of lessening success, so it doesn’t augur well for the next election in 2022.

Relocating his chart to Libya puts Neptune into his 10th with Pluto firmly in his 8th so not a propitious region for him.


5 thoughts on “Emmanuel Macron – his troubles don’t come singly

  1. How is Mr Macron’s chart and France’s chart with respect to EU elections in May? Will Macron shine or will be it Le Pen?

  2. Who’s to follow after Macron…DSK? Marine LePen?

    It seems France has no viable alternatives much like the US & Drompf…for now.

    • DSK? please LarryC, no thanks, he’s disgusting! Anyway we are on the way of a new collective landscape 2020-2022-2025 so let’s stay open please and I do not see old trunks back on the French ‘throne’.

      • I know. In a way I was teasing. It is not clear there is only “one” candidate” to satisfy 60+ million people, let alone 310 million in America in a few yrs.

        • In my wording, for France, ‘old trunks’ means no more politicians and heads of state born before 1950 AND no more ENA alumni; for the collective regeneration, I reckon we (in the USA and in France and many other countries) we need Second Mountaineers as defined/explained by David Brooks in his last publication ‘The Second Mountain, the Quest for a Moral life’.

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