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Even the cartoonists have run out of original images for the ongoing horlicks of Brexit – cliff edge, Theresa May walking the plank (we wish), flying pigs and unicorns, Napoleon’s retreat, flogging a dead horse, yatter yum.

Latest thought from Janet Daley in the Telegraph is that the Remainers have won since there aren’t enough votes to carry Theresa May’s third-time-unlucky-go at her flawed deal; so we might as well stay in and make Macron’s life hell.

Arlene Foster of the DUP is looking discontented and discomfited this year with tr Pluto opposition her Mars in Cancer; and tr Saturn also in opposition in this April, and again till late year – which all looks like a major setback, with more disasters in 2020.

The UK chart looks befuddled from March 30th for a few weeks and filled with panicky uncertainty in May to mid August. Though there will be a ray of good cheer over the final days of March into April from tr Uranus square the UK Jupiter.

On Theresa May there’s nothing new to say – slipping and sliding downhill, with more disappointments over the end of this month and onwards in April.

Boris Johnson still tops the polls to replace her if she’s prised out of No 10 – heaven help us and that’s not a political reaction, more cringing embarrassment. He’ll pick up a minor head of steam over the end of this month with tr Pluto trine his Mars/Jupiter midpoint; but the rest of the year looks edgy, downbeat and undermining.

Michael Gove is heading for major changes and upheavals in his life with tr Pluto trine his Uranus from the final day of this month which runs into June and then on and off till late 2020; is facing a disaster or two from late this month to mid April; and a fraught several months of Pluto collisions with midpoints to the year end. He does have tr Uranus trine his Sun from mid April which can bring positive changes; and two upbeat and successful Uranus transits to Jupiter midpoints in late May and again July onwards. So it’s possible he steps up and then finds what a poisoned chalice he’s taken on, since nothing late year looks good.

Cartoon: Bob Moran.  Political Cartoon‏ @Cartoon4sale

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  1. I agree with Tara. The only ones likely to be throwing toddler tantrums are those inside the Westminster bubble which includes the media. The public are curiously detached from the whole f*** up. Useful piece in today’s Guardian.
    ‘That vast disconnect between elite authority and lived experience is central to what’s broken in Britain today.’
    A couple of years ago, I wrote here about a woman from Newcastle who greeted warnings that leaving the EU would damage the economy by shouting: “That’s your bloody GDP. Not ours.” In the same spirit of blunt truth-telling, we should tell Westminster that this is their bloody crisis – not ours. But we have long suffered under a crisis in how we are governed.
    ‘Stick on the BBC on any given Sunday morning, and it is as if the revolution of 1789 was being covered entirely from inside the Versailles court of Louis XVI.’

  2. The EU may well suggest we have a second referendum. No deal would also be pretty bad for many EU countries who trade with the UK. But with Mercury retro in Pisces at the moment, who knows?!

  3. I don’t buy the idea of riots at all and I’ve talked to a lot of English leave voters. The only reason May isn’t going for revocation is to save the Tory party, lets not be under any illusions.

    The truth is many voted leave in Boaty McBoatface style, because they didn’t like David Cameron. Only a very small minority gave the EU a second thought before 2015. They won’t riot and even if they did, they could never cause as much damage as no deal.

  4. Tara I don’t see Theresa May opt for either No Deal or revocation now. She’s done a U-turn and knows that a No Deal Brexit is far worse than a Bad Deal (her deal). Revocation would culminate in riots in England, IMO, and the end of the Tory party by taking into account that Farage’s new party “Brexit” has been passed by the Electoral Commission. I reckon she’ll go begging cap in hand for an extension and hold another EURef. Not ideal for her, the Tories or England either but probably the least worse option now.

    What I can’t figure out is why they’d even think of leaving the EU when practically every aspect of life from the NHS, Education and so on, in England, has been going down the slippery slope for years now and has nothing to do with the EU. They clearly couldn’t run a ménage. Furthermore Theresa May had the power to control EU immigration when she was Home Secretary, such as migrants being sent home if they didn’t have enough money to keep themselves / no job within 3 months of arrival, but she didn’t. Now we find ourselves with a 10 year low in relation to EU migrants coming to the UK (and many leaving) and a 15 year high of migrants coming from Asian countries. The latter no doubt due to T May being held over a barrel in relation to releasing visas to acquire future trade deals. Not exactly in line with one of the key reasons for people voting for Brexit. What a mess! A mess that will no doubt lead to the breakup of the Union.

  5. Roshea, Article 50 can be revoked at the drop of a hat: With a simple letter of intent. Nothing to do with the Queen at all. The media just chooses not to inform anyone of that fact. Six Scottish Parliamentarians, including Joanna Cherry QC SNP MP, took the case to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) last year, from the Scottish Court of Session, and won it (December). The revocation can also be carried out during any extension period beyond 29th March 2019 and no EU country can veto it. We won’t be crashing out on the 29th at all. Even if T May’s so-called meaningful (less) vote had carried tomorrow there would be no time to ratify it before the 29th March. So on we go with the neverending, horrendous Westminster pantomime.

    • I think the choice now is revoke or no deal, there is no time left to faff about with any more votes, either public or parliamentary. May cannot change the withdrawal agreement nor can she present the one she has, so both her deal and extension look more unlikely.
      (Perhaps why the moon was VOC when Labour announced backing for a people’s vote)

  6. John Bercow’s spanner in the works comes courtesy of a ruling in the Erskine May tome apparently, dated according to the news just now, 2nd April, 1604. It’s curious that back then (astrodienst ephemeris) Mercury was retrograde at 25 Pisces, square law and justice Jupiter at 23 Sagittarius. Today Mercury is retro at around 24 Pisces, and Jupiter is at 23 Sagittarius……Back in 1604 Uranus was also in Taurus. Not sure what these echoes might mean. What do you think Marjorie?

  7. Unbelievable shambles, isn’t it? Thankfully observing the technical aspects of astrology distracts me slightly from how much of a shitshow the whole thing is. I had been wondering how this Mercury retrograde period would unfold, with it stationing at 29 Pisces opposite Theresa May’s natal Mercury Rx and then stationing again opposite the natal Jupiter. Additionally Mercury stations close to TM’s own Mars Rx later in the month, after stationing on her progressed Mars. It looked like some rethink/U-turn, but I couldn’t imagine it. Plus a confusing, chaotic, indecisive period, which it certainly is! Much confusion and seemingly amendments on amendments, along with a deal masquerading as improved being presented over and over.

    It makes some other interesting contacts with other key players:
    Caroline Spelman – Venus 29 Pisces, tabled an amendment but changed her mind (Merc Rx), only for that amendment to be pushed forward by Yvette Cooper – Sun 29 Pisces
    John Bercow’s Sun sextiles the station rx, while his natal Jupiter is conjunct the station D.
    But perhaps the Mercury Rx in Pisces award should go to Stephen Barclay, who spent over 10 minutes passionately arguing for something and then immediately and confusingly going off to vote against it himself. Barclay had the station rx opposite natal Pluto with a very close orb.

    • “Much confusion and seemingly amendments on amendments, along with a deal masquerading as improved being presented over and over.”

      EU’s modus operandi replicated in Westminster!!! 😉

  8. The Queen signed Article 50. Only the Queen can Undo It, It Is Sovereign. WE ARE LEAVING ON THE 29th. Everything else, is Just Theatre.

  9. “there will be a ray of good cheer over the final days of March into April from tr Uranus square the UK Jupiter.”
    Does this suggest that May’s Deal goes through on the third or fourth attempt?

    • Polls suggest 57% of people would vote remain now so perhaps its a long extension which gives the country an uplift? an extension would also explain why the Tory chart/May’s chart, Liddington’s chart, Rees Moggs chart and Steve Barclay’s chart all look down from April.

    • Saw this too, showed it to my husband, and his comment was: “That’s you.” Can’t argue with him, I’m all that. I’m also an October 1st Libran, like Theresa May, and you all can be happy I do not have any intention to run for any office anytime. I hear, however, there will be about 50 openings at Customs here due to Brexit, and since I’ve worked with Imports, and liked it, I may apply.

  10. Thanks for this. I really hope the doom and gloom for May and Foster means the attempts to get the meaningful vote through again this week fail and we head into a long extension of article 50. On a side note, I regularly find your predictions to be the most accurate on Brexit. Well done!

    • I have carefully read a number of Marjorie’s posts on Brexit and the EU. Based on those posts, i feel her prediction is that brexit will happen.

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