Super-duper Lunar Eclipse – crisis and challenges for DC


Much excitement about the rare Super Blood Wolf Moon appearing in the heavens at 5.12 am UT tomorrow January 21st – Super because its closer to the earth and therefore appears larger; Blood because the Lunar Eclipse adds a reddish tinge; and Wolf because that is the traditional name for the January Full Moon, otherwise known as the Great Spirit Moon.

It is a Total Lunar Eclipse with the Moon at zero degrees Leo opposition the Aquarius Sun square Uranus, so is likely to give rise to sudden changes, upheavals, upsets and ideas which upset the status quo in the months ahead. Mars in Aries is not in aspect to the Eclipse but is in an accident-prone, aggravated and enragingly frustrated square to Saturn Pluto in Capricorn.

Plus there’s a superficially frivolous Venus Jupiter in a false-happiness square to Neptune and trine Mars. So there’ll be an attempt to put on a good face and cosmeticize intractable problems; and hints of a financial bubble bursting.

Located to Washington, DC it puts the Full Moon on the angles with Moon MC opposition Sun IC squaring onto a 7th house Uranus, suggesting significant happenings and rifts over coming month.

David Cameron – a puppet on Pluto in Capricorn’s string



David Cameron opened Pandora’s Box with the Brexit referendum and then slunk away after it turned into a can of viperous worms. Looked at one way he was the unwitting agent for what had to happen, a necessary step along the way of dismantling the UK’s sclerotic political system. Not what he intended but he threw the firecracker and chaos followed.

I was always puzzled by Cameron’s chart. 9 October 1966 5.30am London. The easy charm of Sun Venus in Libra and a self-satisfied Moon Jupiter in Leo; plus a flashy Mars in Leo in a showbizzy, loves-publicity square to Neptune – all make sense of what always seemed a lightweight, rather empty personality. But he also has Uranus Pluto in Virgo opposition Saturn in Pisces which is gritty, stubborn, innovative, keen to push back boundaries.  And it never seemed to fit the rest of his chart.

What puzzled me at the time was his confidently jovial (Moon) Jupiter had moved by Solar Arc to conjunct his Uranus at Brexit in June 2016, which is usually interpreted as a lucky break and relief of tension. So I surmised he’d win. But in fact the relief appeared to be exiting number 10. Looked at another way it could be argued that finally his Uranus Pluto released its power, having been activated by Solar Arc Jupiter. Uranus Pluto can be a harbinger of chaos, or revolution, certainly an upsetter of the status-quo, bringing about the collapse of the old order.

His chart does fit the UK’s well with his Venus Sun conjunct the UK Ascendant; his Jupiter is the same degree as the UK’s in Leo and therefore conjunct his Moon; his Neptune like the UK is in Scorpio and his Fixed Mars in Leo square Neptune resonates to the UK’s Fixed Grand Cross.

But his wayward Uranus Pluto falls in the UK’s 12th, so his reforming drive is subversive, falling in the hidden 12th in his own as well as the UK’s chart. Out of his control and operating at an unconscious level, he pressed the button and up the balloon went.

His relationship chart with the UK does have an inventive, reforming composite Sun trine Moon, sextile Uranus; and a chained-together for-a-serious-purpose Saturn opposition Pluto.

His Harmonics are surprisingly strong for a personality who seems destined to disappear into the history books as a none-too-interesting PM. His leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17th harmonic has a powerful and destructive Sun, Jupiter, Mars Pluto. His get-it-together and dominating 5H is very strong; as is his wheel-of-fortune rise-and-fall 10H; and can-be-self-defeating 16H.

A mightier agent of the fates than he appeared to be.

Prince Philip – non-stop-go personality



Prince Philip walked away from what could have been a nasty accident when he drove out of a side road and T-boned a car coming along the more major road. According to one report he said ‘the sun was in my eyes.’ His landrover overturned and he had to be extricated through the roof. The driver and passenger of the other car containing a baby were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

He’ll be 98 this June and although retired from public duties continues to car and carriage (with ponies)  drive.

Born 10 June 1921 21.46 hrs (unverified) Corfu, Greece, he’s an assertive, multi-tasking Sun Mars in Gemini in a hard-edged and short-tempered to Saturn in workaholic Virgo. Not a man to sit still even nearing his century. Plus he has an adventurous Jupiter in Virgo opposition Uranus widely square his Sun, which will double up on his scattered, whirlwind approach to life.

Astrology isn’t supposed to work this late in life but he does have a run of tricky transits involving Mars and Mars midpoints in the near future; and an uncertain, discouraging tr Neptune opposition Saturn from this spring onwards.

The Queen is the only one who’d be in a position to put her foot down and stop him driving and their relationship chart does look a touch aggravated at the moment and on and off in the next few weeks. So there may be further concerns. And while it wouldn’t be his choice, it’s not as if he’s short of protection officers on hand to do the driving for him.

Harris, Warren, Klobuchar, Gillibrand – testing the water for 2020



Four more possibles for 2020 – Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand and Amy Klobuchar.

California Senator and former state attorney Kamala Harris, born 20 October 1964 9.28pm Oakland, California, is picking up favourable media attention at the moment but there’s a troubling piece in the NY Times questioning her legend as a progressive, pointing out she did little to act for criminal justice reform and fought to uphold wrongful convictions that had been secured through official misconduct including evidence tampering, false testimony and the suppression of crucial information by prosecutors. (URL below)

She has an entertainer’s, attention-seeking 5th house Libra Sun opposition an Aries Moon; with a Fixed Grand Cross of Saturn in Aquarius opposition Mars in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus opposition Neptune – hard-edged, slippery, indulgent, opportunistic. She looks frustrated and trapped in November 2020 with tr Pluto opposition her Mars/North Node; but does have tr Pluto trine her Jupiter throughout 2020 and over the inauguration which will give her a confidence and success boost.

Elizabeth Warren 22 June 1949 (unverified time), is an innovative Sun Uranus in Cancer sextile Saturn inconjunct Jupiter in Aquarius. That apex Yod Jupiter will give her the ability to affect mass consciousness and the tr Saturn Jupiter in Aquarius will conjunct her Jupiter through December 2020, so while there’s nothing to suggest she either runs or wins, she may well be in a position to make her mark in another way.

Amy Klobuchar, 25 May 1960 Plymouth, Minnesota, Senator and lawyer, is a determined and controlled New Moon Mercury in Gemini square Pluto; with Jupiter in Capricorn in a confident trine to Pluto and sextile Neptune; and a hard-edged Saturn in Capricorn square Mars. She looks disappointed in 2019/2020 with plans not working out, and undermined through November 2020. But seems remarkably buoyant over the Inauguration.

Kirsten Gillibrand, 9 December 1966 New York, Senator and attorney, is a Sun Sagittarius with an excitable and scattered T Square of Saturn in Pisces opposition Uranus Pluto square Venus in Sagittarius; and an intense Scorpio Moon. She’s got an undermining Neptune squaring her Sun through 2019 into 2020 which looks less than helpful ambition-wise and will be aggravated and frustrated over the Inauguration.

Brexit – waiting for the light to turn on



Wow. That was a defeat and a half. A loss by 230 votes kicks Theresa May’s deal into oblivion and the UK’s Brexit strategy into utter shambles territory. No one knows what comes next except that both May and Corbyn have so blotted their copy books that they have to go and sooner rather than later. May will probably win the immediate confidence vote with DUP help, since they dislike Corbyn’s united Ireland policies, but it doesn’t move the argument on.

‘Cometh the hour, cometh the man’ – hasn’t produced any obvious candidates to date though there is talk of cross-party seniors taking power back into the hands of parliament away from the government.

The relationship chart between the UK 1801 and EU 1957 isn’t too enlightening. Tr Saturn was conjunct the composite Sun in late December 2018 which is a separating influence and although Saturn hangs around after the event, it never looked strong enough for a cataclysmic split. There’s a discouraging tr Pluto square Saturn now till mid February and returning July/August and November/December 2019 indicative of an uphill-struggle and pressure for change which meets outright resistance (probably on both sides). With an undermining, disappointing tr Neptune square Moon now till early February, followed by tr Neptune opposition Jupiter, on and off till December 2019. Plus a gear shift from July 2019 onwards with tr Uranus trine the composite Uranus – with country charts soft aspects often act like hard, so it could be more indicative of a rupture or a radical alteration in the relationship. It repeats on and off till early 2020.

Theresa May’s personal chart is certainly on cue with tr Pluto conjunct her Mars/Saturn midpoint which Ebertin describes as the rage or fury of destruction  from January 14 to February 11, repeating July/August and November/December 2019 – thus a considerable setback. Plus tr Neptune denting her enthusiasm further in February as it squares her Mars/Jupiter midpoint and then doubles up the effect as it opposes her Jupiter from the final day of March onwards; plus career-losses from tr Pluto square her Jupiter/Saturn midpoint also from March 31st on and off till late 2020. Downhill all the way.

Her Government chart, 9 June 2017 12.35pm is sagging with tr Neptune square the midheaven, Solar Arc Midheaven and most pointedly the Gemini Sun from May onwards.

Jeremy Corbyn is finding his popularity sagging through February and beyond with tr Neptune square his Venus and Mercury, neither of which will engender decisiveness; though he will have a stroke of luck and relief from tension in April.  His Term chart 24 September 2016 12.35pm has tr Pluto square Uranus from late March which will accompany of a major upheaval and often goes along with the end of an administration or at least a phase of extreme instability.

The EU is much more unsettled in the immediate two years than the UK – with considerable (devastating) financial problems from Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the 2nd house Neptune, exact in six months at the same time as a dead-halt Solar Arc Midheaven conjunct its 12th house Pluto; and high anxiety and muddled thinking from tr Uranus opposition the EU Neptune from late May. 2020 will see major panic and uncertainty from tr Neptune square the EU Saturn; and tr Uranus conjunct the 8th house financial Moon and square the EU Uranus which will bring severe economic pressures, fast-changing circumstances with which the EU’s cumbersome, rigid inability to be flexible won’t cope well.   There’ll be continuing and significant failings and shocks through 2023/24.

The UK doesn’t hit its financial roller coaster until 2021.

All a horlicks of a mess.

Jake Patterson – chillingly cold



The kidnapping of 13 year old Jayme Closs, after the murder of her parents, was set in motion when Jake Patterson spotted her on a school bus as he drove behind. He then organised his crime meticulously, shaving his head to ensure there would be little forensic evidence left and shot them in front of her.

It sounds unbelievable as well as psychopathic. He held her prisoner for three months in a cabin in Wisconsin woods until she was able to escape.

Born 17 June 1997 (police) he’s a Sun Gemini in an impulsive square to Mars, North Node in Virgo and a confident trine to Jupiter in Aquarius. According to class mates he was very quiet in school, so I’d imagine most of these would be in hidden houses. He’s also has Venus in Cancer in a cold square to an unsympathetic, forced-to-be-self-reliant Saturn in Aries; and he has an intense Scorpio Moon. His two emotional planets are in Water signs and four planets including the Sun are in Air, so he’ll have a difficult balance to maintain between his feelings and his thinking.

Jayme Closs, 13 July 2005 (police) is a Sun Saturn in Cancer square Mars and North Node in Aries – serious, used to hardship, gritty; with a Fire Grand Trine of Venus Mercury in Leo trine Mars trine Pluto in Sagittarius, formed into a Kite by Venus Mercury opposition Neptune – inspirational, talented, ultra-determined, courageous.

Although they had never met, something sparked off in him – perhaps attraction from her Cancer Sun conjunct his Venus; a pull from her Pluto opposition his Sun; and a cruel streak from his Saturn conjunct her Mars and square her Sun.

Their relationship chart has an argumentative composite Sun Mars; a delusional Venus opposition Neptune; and a power-struggling Jupiter Pluto in a chained-together opposition to Saturn.

Poor kid, how do you get through an experience like that?

Carol Channing – unstoppable exuberance



Carol Channing, the larger than life, irrepressible comic Broadway star of “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” and “Hello, Dolly!” has died aged 97. “She brought to the stage a beguiling energy, striking presence and a dazzling song-and-dance technique. Her frantic delivery, huge, saucer-shaped eyes and remorselessly wide grin came to epitomise Hollywood’s idea of the dizzy blonde.” (Telegraph). And she kept on going, appearing in a revival of “Hello, Dolly!” when she was 74 and ten years later she was a hit in cabaret act.

Born 31 January 1921 9pm Seattle, Washington, she had an entertaining 5th house Sun in outrageous Aquarius (often a comedian’s sign) opposition musical Neptune. Her passionately enthusiastic Venus Mars in Pisces was on her Descendant, giving her an exuberant way of putting herself across and Venus Mars opposed Saturn Jupiter in Virgo and trined a Scorpio Moon – so she was a complicated mix of light and dark, optimistic and pessimistic, sensitive and brash.

She also had a controlling and influential Pluto in the 10th. Not the easiest of personalities and she was married four times but rarely dull.

Her creative 5th and 7th harmonics were notable, especially the 7H, as was her actor’s 15H and super-star 22H.

Tulsi Gabbard & Julian Castro – into the fray



Two more democratic names into the 2020 ring. Of which Tulsi Gabbard, Congresswoman for Hawaii, has the most interesting astrology. She was pro-Bernie Sanders but has had a quixotic approach to foreign policy especially in the Middle East, and some pro-Israeli connections that may appeal to the far-right despite her leftish politics.

Born 12 April 1981 in American Samoa, she’s a fiendishly ambitious Sun Mars in Aries opposition Pluto. It’ll be a punishing battle from now onwards with tr Pluto square her Mars and then her Sun/Mars midpoint bringing acute frustrations until just before the election. But at the election tr Jupiter Pluto are exactly square her Sun and Pluto which could bring a major boost. Plus she has in her birth chart a Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Libra which is catching the tr Jupiter Saturn in Aquarius trine over the Inauguration.

The other is Julian Castro, 16 September 1974 San Antonio, Texas, who served in Obama’s Cabinet, having been Mayor of San Antonio. He’s a Sun in Virgo; with a charming Venus in Virgo opposition Jupiter square Neptune North Node – good at PR, scattered, vague, not always decisive. Plus a formidable Mars Pluto in Libra. At the election he will get some luck from Solar Arc Uranus square his Jupiter; but he also has tr Jupiter Pluto conjunct his Solar Arc Neptune and tr Saturn square his Uranus, neither of which sound positive.  And over the Inauguration he has a dashed-hopes tr Pluto conjunct his Jupiter/Neptune midpoint.

Stan & Ollie – two halves to make success



Laurel & Hardy were a twosome so iconic the name of their act entered the lexicon as meaning an inseparable duo. A new biopic movie ‘Stan & Ollie’ picks up the pair towards the end of their career, having been two of the biggest stars in Hollywood, known for their over-the-top slapstick comedy, with 100 films to their credit since the late 1920s. By the early 1950s they were down on their luck running into health and money problems.

Oliver Hardy was born 18 January 1892 9.02 am Harlem. Georgia and Stan Laurel 16 June 1890 in the north of England.

I’d have expected to see more obvious crossovers in their charts which apart from mild Venus connections isn’t there. Hardy was a Sun Capricorn trine Saturn sextile Mars in Scorpio with a Virgo Moon – earthy, practical, ultra-determined.  With a confident Jupiter square Pluto.

Laurel was a Sun and Moon in Gemini with his Sun trine Uranus sextile Saturn and his Saturn square Mars; and Jupiter in Aquarius trine Neptune Pluto in Gemini – communicative, chatty, confident and used to difficulties.

In an odd way despite the Earth Air difference they were relatively similar – both with Sun Saturn aspects, both with edgy and determined Mars aspects; both with Jupiter Pluto. Which would help them play a double act which requires the sensitivity to react to a partner, almost like a dance, to submerge the ego to play second fiddle then move forward again to be centre stage. And there was a Venusian resonance with Laurel’s Venus in Cancer opposed Hardy’s Sun; and Hardy’s Venus in Aquarius trine Laurel’s Sun and Uranus.

Their relationship chart has a composite Sun perhaps (which seems likely) trine Moon and sextile Neptune Pluto North Node. Neptune Pluto has an association with larger-than-life ambitions and success. Neptune Pluto is also in a do-or-die opposition to the composite Mars. Jupiter is in a lucky trine to Uranus and a confident square to Pluto Neptune. And there’s a workmanlike and sensible Saturn trine Venus and opposition Mercury.

There’s not a huge amount of warm-hearted friendliness and affection in the relationship chart. Which was pointed up in the scene in the film when there’s a telling moment as Stan scowls that “I loved us’, Ollie stingingly retorts: “But you never loved me.”

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