Zelensky now Ukraine president – few jokes ahead


Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky who won 70% of the vote in the recent Ukraine presidential election, despite having no previous experience, has been sworn in. He campaigned strongly against official corruption and said ending the conflict with Russian-backed rebels in the east since Moscow annexed Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula in 2014 would be his top priority. Russian state TV said no Russian official had been invited to the inauguration. Zelensky said Ukrainians must “become Swiss in our ability to live happily with each other, despite any differences” and for dialogue with Russia to start there must be a return of all Ukrainian prisoners.”

He was born 25 January 1978 at 2pm Krivoj Rog, Ukraine and is a charming, maverick Sun Venus in Aquarius in a fiery opposition to Mars in Leo. His intense Mercury in Capricorn in the 8th squares Pluto and sextiles Uranus so he’ll be forceful in getting his points across. He has confident Jupiter in communicative Gemini in his 1st house sextile Saturn in Leo.

His life is certainly changing dramatically this year with tr Uranus square his Sun Venus from June onwards, having been square his Mars earlier this year. But it’ll be head down and fairly discouraging at points as well.

His relationship with Putin will be an uphill struggle with tr Pluto trine the composite Saturn till late 2020.  And that’s mirrored in the Ukraine/Russia 1991 relationship chart with tr Pluto square the composite Sun also through till late 2020 bringing challenges and pressures; with heightened tensions and eruptions mid this December to mid February 2020.

It’s a bold experiment with the Swearing In chart having a ‘new direction’ 10th house Uranus conjunct Venus; plus a tough-minded Sun Mercury trine Saturn Pluto. It’ll take considerable stamina to make progress.

The Ukraine chart isn’t as jittered as it was over the Russian annexation of the Crimea when tr Pluto was conjunct the Uranus Neptune in Capricorn on the Ukraine Ascendant with tr Uranus in square.  But tr Saturn is wading its way down these planets this year which will make it a sobering phase. 2021/2022 will see a sharp change of direction as tr Uranus starts to oppose the Ukraine midheaven and then Pluto; with a panicky tr Neptune opposing the Ukraine Mars – so it’ll be a winding road ahead.

Heinz-Christian Strache – far right tripping up


A corruption scandal involving Heinz-Christian Strache, Vice Chancellor of Austria, has led to a snap election being called for September. He was videoed along with a colleague from his far-right Freedom Party talking to a woman who claimed to be a wealthy Russian national looking to invest in Austria. She offered to buy a 50% stake in an Austrian newspaper and switch its editorial position to support their party. Strache said he wanted to “build a media landscape like [Victor] Orban”, a reference to Hungary’s authoritarian prime minister. In exchange he could award her public construction contracts.

Strache, born 12 June 1969, maybe 5.45am Wien, Austria, has an ego-centric Gemini Sun on the point of a scattered Mutable T Square to a super-confident Pluto Jupiter (Uranus) in Virgo opposition North Node in Pisces. It’s a fairly tumultuous chart; with an argumentative Mercury in Gemini opposition Mars; and a, indulgent and stubborn Moon plus Venus Saturn in Taurus.

If the time is roughly right then tr Neptune is conjunct his midheaven and tr Uranus conjunct his Solar Arc Midheaven around now which makes sense of his exit from power. Plus tr Uranus is moving to conjunct his Saturn Venus next month for a jolt and an emotional shock.

Strache started life as a dental technician, was a disciple of the neo-Nazi Jorg Haider before splitting and taking over the anti-immigrant party, pushing it further right.

Pic: By SPÖ Presse und Kommunikation (Foto: SPÖ/Zach-Kiesling) – ORF-Elefantenrunde am 12.10.17, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Conrad Black – friends in high places


Disgraced media mogul Conrad Black who was convicted of fraud and obstructing justice in 2007 and jailed for more than three years in the US has been granted a full pardon by Trump, about whom Black wrote a glowing biography last year. Trump describes him as a “friend” and mentions others who had vouched for Black’s character – including Elton John, Rush Limbaugh, and Henry Kissinger. Black’s co-defendants, who were convicted by the same jury, at the same trial, of the same fraud crimes did not receive any pardon consideration from President Trump.

Black born 25 August 1944 6.15 am Montreal has his Sun conjunct a lucky Jupiter in communicative Virgo which falls conjunct Trump’s Ascendant so he will boost Trump’s morale. Black also has his midheaven less than two degrees away from Trump’s, both conjunct the destructive Fixed star Algol. Like Trump he has Uranus in Gemini and Saturn in Cancer – so to some degree, two of a kind. It wouldn’t work if they operated in the same arena business-wise since Black’s Mars squares Trump’s Sun and Moon which would make them competitive – but at arm’s length and given how much of a sucker Trump is for flattery it works well.

Their relationship chart has a supportive composite Sun sextile Jupiter; though the composite Saturn in sextile to a fairly aggravated Mars is getting a sharp elbow from the July Solar Eclipse, so be interesting to see if anything falls out.

Prince William – it’s good to talk about emotional pain


The Duke of Cambridge has said he felt “pain like no other pain” after the death of his mother, Princess Diana, during a BBC TV documentary about mental health. He said the “British stiff upper lip thing” had its place when times were hard, but people also needed “to be able to talk about our emotions because we’re not robots”.

He was 15 when his mother was killed and having his Sun and Moon both in Cancer he would have been especially badly hit by her sudden death. He did have a catastrophic set of progressions at the time. His Secondary Progressed Mars was conjunct his Saturn exactly. And his Mars had moved by Solar Arc to conjunct his Pluto and his Solar Arc Saturn to conjunct his Jupiter. All of that adds up to a devastating blow which must have been exceptionally frightening. Not improved by the gawping public’s demand for the young Prince’s public presence before and at the funeral, when they’d have been better left at Balmoral in peace. In the aftermath his Secondary Progressed Moon moved through his 8th house for two years plus which is always an angst-ridden time of deep ambivalence and inner conflict.

Prince Harry was almost 13 when it happened. He had his Solar Arc Venus conjunct his Pluto for an intense emotional reaction; and a confused Solar Arc Neptune conjunct his Ascendant which would make him question his identity; with his Solar Arc Midheaven opposition his Taurus North Node. So less stark than Prince William but still a considerable blow that threw him off course.

IM Pei – a talented Taurus


IM Pei, one of the 20th Century’s most prolific architects, has died. His iconic buildings are all around the world with Qatar’s Islamic Museum of Art one of his most famous designs; as is Paris’s glass pyramid Louvre Museum, now one of the city’s most famous landmarks. He also designed the John F Kennedy Library and Museum in Boston and Dallas City Hall. His style was described as modernist with cubist themes, and was influenced by his love of Islamic architecture.

He was born 26 April 1917 in China into a well-to-do family who moved to Hong Kong when he was a year old. His mother, to whom he was close, died when he was in his early teens and he emigrated to the USA in 1935. He was an indulgent and charming Sun Venus in earthy Taurus which was sextile Pluto and square a creative Neptune in flamboyant Leo. He also had Jupiter and Mercury in Taurus which fits with a career which was both creative and practical.

His Mars in pro-active Aries was in a disciplined square to Mars and in a risk-taking sextile to Uranus; with Uranus in an innovative square to Mercury.

His get-it-together craftsman’s 5th Harmonic is exceptionally strong bringing together the Sun Venus and inventive Uranus.  As is his confidently successful leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17H. His super-star 22nd harmonic brings together creativity with great influence and staying power; as well as an adventurous spirit.

As to why he lived to such a ripe old age? There’s no one signature but planets in Taurus probably help if the Queen and David Attenborough are anything to go by.

Lady Gabriella Windsor – a brainy Royal with an independent streak



Lady Gabriella Windsor, the 38 year old daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, is marrying her long time beau financier Tom Kingston today at Windsor with the Queen in attendance. Way down the succession at 53, she’s still in favour, despite her wild child youth. Brainier than most Royals, she has several degrees from prestigious universities; has written for magazines and kept her face out of the tabloids. The exception being a Vanity Fair piece last year by a former boyfriend (now married to a man) who spilled the alleged beans about the Kents’ lifestyle and opinions.

Gabriella was born 23 April 1981 3pm London (newspaper report so presumably circa). She has a charming and indulgent Sun Venus in Taurus with her Sun conjunct Mars Mercury in late Aries. Her Mars Mercury are in a formidable do-or-die determined opposition to Pluto as well as being on the apex of a Yod, along with the Sun to Jupiter Saturn in Libra sextile Uranus. Her Sagittarius Moon Neptune is trine her Mars Mercury. A complicated lady who doesn’t fit easily into a defined box and can be impulsive and a touch outspoken like her mother.

Her new husband, Tom Kingston, 22 June 1978, is a Sun Jupiter in Cancer like her father Prince Michael, with his Venus in flamboyant Leo conjunct her North Node and square her Sun Venus for a karmic and affectionate connection. Though his Saturn in Leo and Mars in Virgo both square her Uranus which will cause a few heated moments. His Capricorn Moon may square her Mars opposition Pluto and if it does rather echoes her tricky relationship with her mother whose Capricorn Sun also clashes with Gabriella’s grimly determined streak.

Gabriella’s relationship chart with Tom does have a sociable, indulgent, passionate, power-couple composite Venus trine Pluto, sextile Jupiter. But there’s also an uncertain composite Venus opposition Neptune square Saturn so it won’t always feel on solid ground.

The wedding chart has a stubborn Scorpio Full Moon which is sextile/trine the Saturn Pluto conjunction; and an excitable, needs-space Venus Uranus – it’ll need to be unconventional to work well.

She didn’t have the easiest of mothers with her relationship chart with Princess Michael having a disruptive composite Mars opposition Uranus and a controlling composite Sun opposition Pluto – a good deal of pushing and pulling.

Theresa May – the longest goodbye in history ** + Boris

The never-ending mystery of Theresa May’s leaving date just keeps on trucking. There’s still no definite date but maybe a ‘timetable’ of departure if and when something happens down the road. Not that any of the alternatives are exactly enticing – Boris, Corbyn, Farage – all too depressing to contemplate.

The cross-party talks with Corbyn have fallen to bits in failure and rancour which is no surprise since their relationship chart has a volatile, evasive, distrustful composite T Square of Neptune Saturn opposition Mars square Uranus Venus – which is being pounded this year by tr Pluto and tr Saturn.

One argument for her dither and delay is she can’t stand the prospect of Boris  replacing her and in her magical mystical imagination getting Brexit put to bed before she goes will undermine his platform.  That relationship chart isn’t much better with an aggravated Saturn opposition Jupiter Venus square Mars – with a heavily frustrated and enraged Mars being battered by tr Pluto from later this month through June – and on and off till late 2020.

Her own chart has a disempowering tr Neptune opposition the Sun/Pluto midpoint till mid August; a road-blocked tr Pluto conjunct Mars/Node from late this month till early July; then a catastrophic tr Pluto conjunct Mars/Saturn till late August – after which everything just listed above goes in reverse order through into 2020. It could happen anytime – or never.

Sooo important and soooooo boring.

Boris’s stars ahead: Upheaval in June which can be sudden adjustment to new circumstances, not always positive, though could also be an advancement. Seriously stuck and enraged in November/December. Marginally more bounce from late January 2020 for a few weeks.  Though not looking as chipper as Penny Mordaunt, the new Defence Secretary, is at that late Jan 2020 phase, on and off till late 2020.

Bob Hawke – an old style political leader


Bob Hawke, the former Australian prime minister, a charismatic character, described as a ‘rambunctious rogue’ and a consensus builder has died. He didn’t care about convention, had a reputation as a heavy drinker and womaniser and was voted in three times over eight years  in the 1980s and early 1990s – still a record for a Labor leader.

Born 9 December 1929 5.30 am Bordertown, Australia, he was a fiery Sun, Mercury, Mars conjunct in Sagittarius with Venus also in Sagittarius; and his Sun Mars in an enthusiastic and risk-taking opposition to Jupiter. His Pisces Moon opposed Neptune and squared Venus so he was designed for a public career but very scattered, quite highly strung with a predominantly Mutable chart. His Uranus was trine both his Venus and Mars – so he’d be fickle emotionally and a live wire. ius Pisces Moon opposed Neptune and squared Venus

He suited Australia with its Venus, Uranus, Mercury, Jupiter all in Sagittarius.

Bill De Blasio – minuses and pluses



Bill de Blasio, the twice elected though not hugely popular Mayor of New York, has become the umpteenth Democrat to put his name forward for the presidential nomination.

Born 8 May 1961 7.03 pm New York, he is a Sun Mercury in Taurus; with his Sun in a maverick square to Uranus and widely trine a practical Saturn in Capricorn; with a Fixed T Square of Mars in flamboyant Leo opposition Jupiter in Aquarius square Neptune in Scorpio. He has stamina and endurance, is stubborn, can be evasive with such a strong Neptune.

He looks totally jammed up and frustrated over coming months with his Solar Arc Pluto square his Mars, exact in six months, and taking time to wind down on the far side of that.

But for all that he’s looking quite chipper at points with tr Uranus conjunct his Mars/Jupiter midpoint this month, and square his Jupiter July to September which brings lucky breaks; and that latter influence repeats through 2020 and is exact for a final time over the 2021 Inauguration. I’d reckon the Mars Pluto would knock him out and he was always a long shot anyway. But he’s definitely pleased about something and there are some fair winds blowing behind him at points.

Pic: Kevin Case.

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