Michael Weatherly – bullish jokes cost megabucks



Actor Michael Weatherly, late of NCIS, now starring in the TV courtroom drama series Bull, made some off-colour sexual comments to actress Eliza Dushku on set. She complained, was dropped from the series and later came to a confidential agreement with CBS which paid her $9.5 million, the equivalent of how much she would have received in salary for the planned four seasons.

This has come to light on the back of the Les Moonves CBS #metoo investigations undertaken by independent counsel.

Eliza Dushku, 30 December 1980, Boston, MA, started acting aged 10 and reported being sexually assaulted aged 12 by a stunt man and she was subsequently injured on set after he was confronted. She developed a serious alcohol and drug problem and says she suffers from ADHD. She later became known for playing in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

She’s a Sun Mercury in Capricorn square Jupiter Saturn in Libra so will be up and down mood-wise. She’s also got a difficult Pluto (Moon) in Libra square Mars so will have suffered a good deal of inner rage and conflict, which would have exacerbated her addictions.

Michael Weatherly, 8 July 1968 New York, is an excitable Sun Cancer conjunct Mars on one side and Venus on the other. His Sun Venus are trine Neptune, sextile Uranus Pluto and square Saturn. He’s suited to the varied/fast-changing film and TV business, emotionally changeable, blows hot and cold, can be charmingly persuasive and can be shut off. He’s had a two year marriage, a two year engagement, and now a second marriage lasting nine years. His Mercury in Gemini may oppose a Sagittarius Moon squaring onto Uranus Pluto – which will make him highly strung.

He certainly didn’t have an easy interface with Eliza Dushku since her Pluto square Mars collides with his Saturn and Venus; and her Saturn Jupiter squares his Mars and Sun.

The relationship chart is very conflicted with the composite Mats opposition both the Sun and Uranus as well as being square Saturn.

I can see with her history why she’d be abnormally sensitive to unsavoury sexual cracks but unless there’s more to it than meets the eye it’s an extraordinary amount of money for a few bloke-ish jokes in a business where contracts are made and broken in the blink of an eye.


Alec Wilson – stranger than fiction



The extraordinary life of triple bigamist, shadowy MI6 agent and successful novelist Alec Wilson has made a highly watchable BBC 3-part drama, starring actress Ruth Wilson playing her grandmother, Alison and Iain Glen playing Alec. Only in recent years have the seven children and grandchildren of his four ‘marriages’ found out about each other and pressured MI6 to come clean on his records, so far with limited results.

Alison Wilson married, as she thought, a divorced secret service agent during World War 11, who explained his stints in prison and absences as undercover work and she stuck by him despite great poverty at times. After his death, she discovered he had never been divorced, his first wife had three children, there was another liaison with a child, and a fourth Mrs Wilson from his time working as a hospital porter.

M16 insist they fired him in 1942 for fabricating evidence though there are enough questionmarks over that and enough blanks in his record to at least leave the door open to the suggestion that he’d been framed and there was a cover up.

He was born 24 October 1893 in Dover, to an army father and he was himself wounded in World War 1. This gave rise to a hint in the drama that his fiction writing was a way of coping with his horror at what he’d seen.  He was clearly bright, becoming in the 1930s Professor of English Literature in Lahore when he had started publishing his fiction.

He was a Sun Scorpio widely conjunct Uranus – intense and a maverick. His Venus in adventurous Sagittarius was opposition Neptune Pluto in Gemini and sextile Mars Saturn in Libra – and his Aries Moon may well have been tied into those two conjunctions as well – opposition Saturn Mars and sextile Pluto Neptune. So his two emotional planets were all over the place.

Neptune Pluto is head-in-the-clouds and associated with scandal as well as grandiose plans, would certainly edge him towards fantasy and illusion as well as deception. Mars Saturn is military but also hard-edged, not sympathetic, which he must have been, to two-time quite so many ‘wives’ and abandon all but two of his children. Though oddly the adult children describe him as loving and devoted, so he could obviously turn on the charm.

After his death Alison retreated into a religious community where she stayed  until the end of her life.

Beto O’Rourke – not a good bet for 2020



Texan Beto O’Rourke has topped a new poll as the most popular choice among Democrats to challenge Donald Trump in 2020. He narrowly failed to win the senate seat of Republican Ted Cruz last month but his charismatic campaign has raised his profile. In the poll, he came in first with 15.6 per cent, followed by Joe Biden at 14.9 per cent and Bernie Sanders 13.1 per cent.

O’Rourke was born 26 September 1972 El Paso, Texas, into a family with political connections and after a muddled early adult life including a stint in a band, he settled down to a steady job, served on the city council and then became a congressman. He is an exceptionally determined and confident Sun Pluto in Libra conjunct Mars in late Virgo, all square Jupiter in Capricorn. His Saturn in Gemini is square Mars and which will make him hard-working, short-tempered. His Saturn is also trine Uranus, sextile Venus in sociable Leo – innovative, charming, a good networker.

What will stymie his chances in 2020 is tr Neptune square his Saturn from late April onwards which is uncertain, confused, perhaps a scandal popping up. And from late May 2020 tr Uranus starts to square his Mars/Saturn midpoint which suggests rolling crises. Both these influences run into early 2021.

He has said he doesn’t intend to put himself forward in 2020 though presumably if the pressure is there he might give in. But he’d be wise to stay out.

Strasbourg shooter – from crime to deadly faith



Another gangster-jihadist shooting in Strasbourg, France at the Christmas market on Tuesday left three dead, with a fourth brain-dead, and 12 more injured, several seriously.

The shooter Chérif Chekatt, 4 February 1989 Strasbourg, has not yet been captured. He was born into a poor immigrant family with Moroccan roots, graduated from petty crime to drug dealing and robbery. By the time he was 29 he had 27 convictions on his sheet and became radicalized in prison; and was on an Islamist terrorist watch list.

He is a Sun Aquarius square a formidably ruthless Mars in Taurus opposition Pluto – ego-centric, obstinate, drawn to a cause, driven and controlling; with his Mars trine the highly-strung and chaotic Neptune, Saturn Uranus triple conjunction in Capricorn – hard-edged, explosive, uncompromising. His Jupiter in Taurus is conjunct the destructive Fixed Star Algol.

It’s a strong chart which had he been born into better circumstances and made different choices could have given him a decent life.

His can-be-dictatorial 5H is heavily aspected, tough, bleak, adventurous; and his 9H – what brings him pleasure – is violent.

EU – jolted and jangled every which way ahead



A recap on EU’s astro-state of play as they face myriad problems – Italy’s bolshie populist government facing down Brussels economic strictures heads the list; Macron, the shining hope for the future with Merkel fading, is beset with domestic woes and about to do damage to France’s deficit by buying off the ‘yellow vests’ and not pushing ahead with reforms; plus problems with Hungary, Poland – and an economic system ill-designed to cope with a recession which is heavily forecast. Brexit is a minor irritation tho’ a hard exit which robbed them of many billions would hurt. Plus elections coming in May which may not go the way the technocrats would like.

Most notable is the Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the EU 2nd house Neptune, exact in six months’ time, though likely in effect before then – financial confusion and devastation, grievous loss, perhaps scandals.

The other Solar Arc to watch for is the SA Midheaven conjunct the 12th house Pluto exact in a year’s time – which will be challenging, bring a major power struggle, perhaps the technocrats (secretive, unelected, 12th house) versus politicos –  and perhaps drag dirty dealings out into the open. This is especially likely since the 12th house Pluto is in a ruthless square to Mars.

The EU chart is aggravated exactly now being landed with Theresa May on a hopeless boomerang trip; and confused with a teeth-gritting slog through 2019. Tr Uranus will start to severely shake the EU’s very inflexible Fixed Grand Cross from mid May 2019 which will affect its finances, economic prospects and future plans. By 2020/21 the sh** will really hit the fan with tr Uranus in hard aspect to the financial 8th house Moon, and the 11th house Uranus. And tr Neptune in 2020/21 will be square the 3rd house Saturn for high uncertainty, muddles and paranoia.

The European Central Bank (ECB) chart, 1 January 1999, also shows 2020/21 as a time of maximum jeopardy with Solar Arc Mars square the ECB Uranus; and tr Uranus square the Uranus. It’s under pressure now and for the next several years with tr Pluto just off the square to its Mars, and moving in hard aspect to the Mars/Saturn midpoint for a crisis-ridden 2019/2020; with worse to follow up to 2023 as tr Pluto is conjunct the financial Venus and then square the 8th house Saturn. It’ll keep up a bullish front on 2019/2020 with tr Pluto sextile Jupiter but it’s not enough to offset the rest.

Mike Bloomberg – hopes dashed



Mike Bloomberg, 11th richest man in the world and three-time mayor of New York, is considering pitching his hat into the ring as Democrat candidate for 2020. The news has not been greeted with much joy since he’s seen as out of touch with the political moment – white, centrist Wall Street billionaire, not entirely in tune with #metoo – while the party is moving leftwards.

Born 14 February 1942 3.40 pm Brighton, Massachusetts, he has four planets in Aquarius – his Sun in the financial 8th conjunct the Moon, as well as Mercury and Venus which all sit in his 7th. He’s also got a heavyweight collection of Mars, Saturn, Uranus in Taurus in his 10th – aggressively ambitious, good executive material, quite autocratic.

He looks frustrated and blocked exactly now, with dashed hopes through 2019 and 2020 – so looks unlikely.  His Solar Return from February 2019 looks successful, but from February 2020 his career/life’s direction is directionless and undermined.

Brexit – anchors away, oops not quite



“I am the way into the city of woe,
I am the way into eternal pain,
I am the way to go among the lost.’

Dante’s circles of torment as he descends into everlasting hell is a touch melodramatic as an analogy for Brexit. As is Prometheus chained to his rock for eternity. But it’s much how it feels.

The Westminster vote forced on Theresa May against her wishes is now postponed indefinitely. If she leaves it long enough till the due date of March 29 2019 there’ll be no chance of any Plan-B Norway type deals. It’s my way or the highway – I’m really starting to dislike her more and more.

The chart for the maybe-exit has an Aries Sun exactly opposite her Libra Sun. with the Ascendant/Descendant and Mars in Taurus within orb of the conjunction/opposition to the destructive Fixed Star Algol.

The Sun is opposite the Fixed Star Vindemiatrix, the widow maker, associated with falsity, disgrace, stealing, wanton folly.

And Pluto and the Moon as well as the North Node are in aspect to Procyon, which can raise to great heights and then bring crashing down again. Pluto doesn’t get to the exact aspect until 2021.

Saturn will be exactly opposite the UK 10th house Moon for a sense of loss or separation.

That apart the Sun is square the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint for a surge of confidence and empowerment.  And Uranus will be exactly square the UK Jupiter for a feeling relief.

Jupiter is square Neptune for ‘false happiness’ – over confidence.

But who knows? It may come and go as so much in this tediously dragged out shambles has to stretch the agony out for another aeon of time.

I must say this week didn’t have much going for it in terms of the vote – felt like an empty space and so it transpired.

Serial killers – unredeemable



Serial killers aren’t exactly a cheering diversion from political mayhem but there have been two in the headlines.

Mikhail Popkov, 7 March 1964, Angarsk, Russia, known as “The Werewolf” one of Russia’s most prolific serial killers was convicted of 22 murders in 2015 and confessed to 59 additional homicides recently.

Samuel Little, 7 July 1940, Reynolds, Georgia, claims to have killed as many as 90 people; investigators claim to have linked him to at least 34 murders.

The victims in all cases were women.

Popkov is a Sun Mars in Pisces with a Sagittarius Moon; and most significantly has Pluto – and Uranus – opposing his Mars which is also trine Neptune.

Samuel Little is a Sun Cancer with a Mars Pluto conjunction in Leo square Jupiter; with a Leo Moon which is either square Jupiter Saturn or Uranus – or all three. .

Mars Pluto is the marker you’d expect to see with brutality and ruthlessness.

Both have exceptionally marked 18th Harmonics, which is often the case with multiple murderers. The 9th Harmonic is what gives pleasure, multiplied by 2 the number of conflict.

In alchemy at the end of the process of turning lead into gold (symbolically) there was always matter left at the bottom of the crucible, which they called the ‘terra damnata’ – that which had no hope of redemption or transformation.  It was thrown away as useless.

Kelly & Mattis – only one king allowed in the pack



In a classic Trump distract-and-divert-attention from bad news elsewhere (Cohen, Manafort, Flynn) he has put his long suffering chief of staff John Kelly out of his misery and ended his contract.

Kelly, 11 May 1950, a steady, disciplined Sun Mercury in Taurus trine Saturn and Mars in Virgo, was brought in to restore order to the chaos in the White House but fell foul of Trump’s need for constant turmoil and dislike of being hemmed in. Kelly’s Sun Mercury are conjunct Trump’s MC so he could have made a difference; but his Mars squared Trump’s Sun so it was always going to be a fractious interface.

Kelly looks frustrated and down-hearted at the moment, more so through 2019, so he’s clearly a glutton for punishment, or is unhappy at what he’s being forced to spectate as the year rolls on.

The next question is will James Mattis go? Trump has been muttering grumpily about him for months and has just appointed a new Chief of Joint Staffs who was not Mattis’ preference.

Born 8 September 1950, he’s a serious Sun Saturn in Virgo sextile Mars in Scorpio. His Saturn squares Trump’s Sun and Moon and will make Potus feel put down which is guaranteed to put his hackles up. Mattis has been looking terminally gloomy through this year with tr Neptune opposition his Sun and tr Pluto trine his Saturn and those influences run through 2019 as well.  He’s looking peculiarly irked and discontented now till January and on through the year he’ll be getting more frustrated and blocked in. His relationship chart with Trump has a composite Mars Neptune which is not mutually ego-supportive – one wins the other feels they lose. And in Trump’s kingdom only one ego is allowed.  That aspect is being drenched by Saturn right through this month. If Mattis survives that long in situ,  late May 2019 looks like crockery-flying time.

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