India – coping without cash

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There’s chaos in India as Narendra Modi’s government, without warning, declared 86pc of the country’s bank notes no longer legal tender, in a bid to crack down on tax evasion and corruption. About 90% of India’s transactions are in cash and many people do not have a bank account. While some applaud the effort to stamp down on the black economy, it has caused immense headaches for most of the population and travellers.

Born 17 Sep 1950 he’s a rigid Sun Saturn Mercury in Virgo with a ruthlessly confident and overly pushy Fixed T Square of Pluto widely opposition Jupiter square Mars in Scorpio. So not a man to budge when he has steamrollered ahead.

His PMship chart, 26 May 2014 6.13pm New Delhi, is certainly at its most unstable at the moment with the Solar Arc Pluto have moved to square Uranus exactly; and tr Pluto also square Uranus. But there’s a strong Jupiter in this chart, so his luck might hold.

Though his personal chart looks confused this December; and lacklustre and disappointing right through 2017 with a major setback late March into April.

The Reserve Bank of India, 1 April 1935 9am, looks jammed up every which way in 2017/18 with tr Pluto square Mars, which is frustrating and scary. With upheavals again late March into early April 2017. It’ll be in better spirits come 2019/20 with tr Pluto sextile its Jupiter.

The India 15 Aug 1947 12am chart does have tr Pluto sextile Jupiter from early 2017 for two years which is generally good news on the work, health and employment front. Apart from that it isn’t showing a huge amount bar tr Uranus trine Sun in Feb 2017 which is positive change; and some difficulties from transits to Solar Arcs – tr Uranus opposition Solar Arc Pluto, Saturn, Venus and conjunct Solar Arc MC, running from this December till April 2017 – so there will be upheavals, bumps and jolts and a fairly unsettled feel. Tr Saturn will in 2017 hover on the cusp of the 8th house of joint finances (which includes money owed to government in taxes), then it stays there till 2020 suggesting the tightening up will continue.

Yemeni people – caught in a cross-fire

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Yemen, one of the poorest Middle Eastern countries, has been ground to a halt by a destructive war between forces loyal to President Hadi and the Houthi rebel movement. More than 6,800 have been killed, 35,000 injured since March 2015, and 80% of the population are in need of aid.

The Houthis, initially a provincial militant movement, pushed the national government into exile and were then bombarded by forces from Saudi Arabia and a coalition of Arab countries. The Houthis are anti-USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia, and thought to be supplied by Iran. They describe themselves as “revolutionaries” like Hezbollah or Hamas, and their aim is to cleanse the country of corrupt leaders beholden to foreign powers. Some call it a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. It is draining Saudi cash at a substantial rate, damaging their economy, already badly hit by falling oil prices.

President Hadi, seen as a weak leader, took over from the previous incumbent the ‘kleptocratic’ Saleh, who amassed billions in his decades as president.

There are two charts for modern Yemen, though its history stretches back over millennia. 27 September 1962 4am San’a’, and 22 May 1990. Neither look settled or cheerful for several years ahead. The 1962 chart has tr Neptune opposition Pluto Moon in 2017, extending into 2018 which looks like a neglected and unhappy population. With a volatile, explosive tr Uranus square Mars in Feb 2017; and then a cornered and fearful tr Pluto opposition Mars in 2018/19.

The 1990 chart has tr Uranus in a jolting square to Saturn through 2017; then tr Pluto will sextile Mars in 2020/21 which will be high risk; and then conjunct Saturn which is usually hardship and deprivation in 2021/22.

The civil war itself may not last that long, but the humanitarian crisis will stretch ahead. It makes western ideas of political crisis look feeble and self-indulgent.

Trump & Pence – musical chairs down the line?

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There’s a good deal of hot talk about the possibility of Donald Trump being impeached, mainly on grounds of conflict of interest between his international business empire and countries where he has a foothold which have serious human rights concerns, like Turkey and the Philippines, never mind Russia. As I understand it this would need a Democrat majority in Congress which can’t happen before 2018.

The Inauguration chart of 20 Jan 2017 assuming 12 noon, is most at risk in late 2018 into 2019 when Pluto moves by Solar Arc to square the Uranus; though even from early 2018 tr Pluto will start to square the Uranus for two years – so that will be a very unstable time for the Trump administration. Though, to be remembered, there is Jupiter tied into that Inauguration square with Uranus Pluto which does suggest a greater degree of luck than circumstances might suggest or indeed it deserves.

Trump does have the cataclysmic Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Mars on his personal chart, exact in mid 2018, though that could be health as well as the possibility of a career-stopper. He’s also got two overwrought and panicky Solar Arcs in late 2018/19 – Solar Arc Neptune opposition Uranus and Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his 2nd house Neptune – so hitting on his career, reputation and finances. Before then he’ll be like a bull in a china shop, from Jan 2017 for two years, blithely disregarding accepted practices as beneath him. His Solar Return for 2019, for what it is worth, is hideous with Saturn Pluto in the 10th opposition a 4th house Mars which could certainly be interpreted as a career terminator.

VP Mike Pence, 7 June 1959, is facing an uphill battle in his unexpected promotion to possibly the most powerful VP job ever, if he’s allowed to get in a word edgeways that is.

Tr Pluto conjunct his Solar Arc Jupiter in 2017/18 will give him morale boosts as he faces one dangerous crisis after another through two muddled years; with 2018 being the worst by far. By then tr Neptune will square his Gemini Sun which is not generally uplifting for ambitions and that influence sticks around through 2019 as well. In 2018 also Solar Arc Saturn opposes his Pluto and Solar Arc Sun is conjunct his Uranus – so he’ll be feeling bleak, stuck, under a ton weight of problems and jolted at the same time. Uranus is, of course, the trickster planet so it could propel him into a different role. By 2020 he has tr Pluto sextile his Jupiter so will be into a successful, upbeat two years thereafter. Which means through the next election.

Italy – at the point of desperation




The economic plight of Italy is dire as it approaches what could be a game-changing referendum on Sunday. It is nominally about parliamentary reform, but the electorate are more concerned with voicing disapproval on the current state of stagnation. [See previous post on Euro.] Since 2008, the US and the UK have seen output rise by 12pc and 8pc respectively, whereas Italy’s is down by 8pc. Even more crucially since 1999, when the euro got under way, Italy has managed to grow by less than 6pc, in comparison to 25pc in Germany and France and 40pc in the UK (outside the euro). Unemployment now stands at about 12pc of the workforce; with youth unemployment nearly 40pc, third worst in the EU below Spain and Greece (UK unemployment 4.9 pc overall with youth 13.7pc).

Italy needs a much lower exchange rate than their German neighbours, which of course is impossible within the currency union. With a boost to competitiveness of 20 to 30pc through a lower exchange rate, there would be a surge in net exports, higher economic growth and less employment.

The Italy 1861 12 am chart, hints at financial disappointment through 2017 with tr Neptune conjunct Venus; and a hugely frustrating tr Pluto trine Mars in the 6th house of work, causing anger. Tr Saturn will also square the MC, Mercury, Sun, Neptune on and off for most of 2017. 2016 will undoubtedly be seen as a year of the great rebellion with the Solar Arc Uranus opposing Pluto and in force for another few months. There’s also tr Uranus square the Sun/Moon midpoint which could indicate partnership splits. (as in the UK)

The other Italy chart, 2 July 1871 12.30pm, is relatively similar with tr Pluto trine the 8th house Pluto in 2017/18 exerting huge subterranean pressure for change. With tr Uranus conjunct the 7th house Neptune and square the 10th house Uranus from March onwards – so a radical change of direction and very high-tension relations with neighbours which could involve a split.

The Bank of Italy chart, 10 Aug 1893, is sagging badly through 2017/18 with tr Neptune square Pluto Neptune and opposition the financial Venus, so no quick n’ easy solutions.

EURO – facing its biggest crisis in 2017



The EURO chart, 1 January 1999, will be under extraordinary pressure, the worst in its short history,  from Feb 2017 till late 2018, with tr Pluto square the Euro Mars, so it’ll be boxed in every which way causing major angst and considerable fear. And there’ll be a series of major upsets when tr Uranus starts to square the Euro Venus from late April and conjunct the Euro Saturn from mid May onwards, on and off till March 2018. The warning signs will be there from late this December with tr Saturn moving round the Mutable T Square, conjunct Mercury and square Jupiter and then opposition Moon, repeating the whole process in the autumn of 2017.

One possible catalyst could be the political situation in Italy, which is facing a referendum on December 4th to push ahead reforms which may see PM Renzi step down if he loses which it looks likely that he will. Italy is considered one of the biggest threats to the survival of the euro, with eye-watering debt and banks filled with non-performing loans. A Renzi resignation would make markets look again at the state of Italy’s banks which could push the eurozone crisis from its current chronic state to an acute one. On a worst case scenario, Renzi goes, and a new populist party takes over which has pledged to hold a referendum to leave the euro, which was what Berlusconi threatened before he was toppled. Several other European countries also desperately need a more affordable currency, but are stuck inside the euro straitjacket.

The European Central Bank (ECB) chart 1 June 1998 is facing an undermining tr Neptune square its Gemini Sun in January 2017. But also has a bullishly confident Solar Arc Pluto square its Jupiter, exact in early 2017, which could cause them under pressure to throw away the rule book; followed late in the year by a reckless Solar Arc Mars square Jupiter. Plus a whole raft of discouraging Saturn hard aspects to Solar Arcs in 2017.

Matteo Renzi, 11 Jan 1975 2.45pm Florence, Italy, has a Capricorn Sun picking up the tr Uranus square in the final days of this month through Dec/Jan 2017, so there will be a major disruption in his life; with an aggravated setback tr Saturn conjunct his Mars in January 2017. He may, of course, lose the referendum and decide not to resign, though even he was talking of breaking regulations and baling out the banks.

Brexit may be the lesser of EU worries as 2017 proceeds with France and German elections to be held, with all populations distinctly restive and inclined to kick over the traces.

Fidel Castro – a polarising and enduring figure




Fidel Castro, the communist revolutionary who ruled Cuba for half a century and inspired insurrections across the globe, has died aged 90. Admired by some, loathed by others, he guided Cuba through the Cold War, survived the collapse of communism, and hundreds of assassination attempts, outliving ten hostile US presidents.

For older Cubans he was a hero, who rescued them in 1959 from the US-backed dictator Batista and provided healthcare, education and food, though younger ones have become more mutinous about the erosion of personal freedom in a country that was a one-party police state.

There has been a partial thaw since his brother Raul took over the government but when he goes he’ll leave a party machine determined to cling to power.

Born 13 Aug 1926, maybe 2am, Colon, Cuba, Fidel Castro had a flamboyant and visionary Sun Neptune in Leo in the 3rd in an expansive opposition to Jupiter in Aquarius square Saturn in Scorpio. Certainly enduring with a surfeit of fixed signs; and a Fixed focal point Saturn is stubborn to the nth degree, dislikes sharing the driving seat with others. He also had a self-protective wide Water Grand Trine of a rebellious, innovative Uranus in the 10th trine Saturn trine Venus (conj Pluto in Cancer). His Libra Moon was in the 4th showing his love for his homeland in a possessive square to Pluto. An argumentative Mars in Taurus squared his Mercury in Leo.

His Jupiter was square his revolutionary Uranus/Pluto midpoint and his Uranus was conjunct his Mars/Jupiter, so well-designed to fight against established orders (unless they were communist).

His get-it-together 5th Harmonic (quintiles) was strong and bleak and this is a harmonic that is often associated with a need for power, to dominate and create a world that accords with the individual’s own ideas. His 7th Harmonic is even more heavily aspected (septiles) which is most often thought of as creative, but underlying that is the drive and ability, especially when backed by quintiles, to actualize a fantasy, for good or for ill. Neptune is a recurring pattern in his natal chart, conjunct his Sun and opposition Jupiter, as well as Mars being square his Neptune/Pluto midpoint, and recurs in his 5H and 7H.

His Master Number ’super-star’ 22nd Harmonic has a Mystic Rectangle, combining dogged discipline and risk-taking enthusiasm.

There are various charts for Cuba but the 10 December 1898 12 noon appears to work well. Castro’s Jupiter fell in the Cuba 10th, with his Sun Neptune in the Cuba 4th which makes sense. With his Saturn in the 7th emphasising the degree to which he shut Cuba off from the rest of the world (barring the USSR and Venezuela).

The Cuba 1898 chart has a hidden, secretive Sun Saturn in Sagittarius in the 8th opposition Pluto Neptune in Gemini, so a country used to economic hardship and steeped in superstition and attuned to cultish ideas. The Revolution in 1959 also had Saturn in late Sagittarius; and in 2016 as Castro dies, Saturn has returned to Sagittarius, approaching the conjunction to the Cuba Sun within days.

When the revolution occurred in 1959 tr Pluto was square the Cuba Uranus Venus; and tr Uranus was conjunct the Solar Arc Pluto exactly.

Castro’s relationship chart with Cuba had both love and hate writ large with a brutally suppressive composite Mars Pluto opposition Jupiter square Venus; and a dreamy composite Sun Moon square Neptune.

Cuba ahead is facing tr Saturn moving through its’ 8th house until late 2018 in a time of national mourning and economic hardship; with tr Saturn also conjunct the Sun and opposition Neptune in 2017; with tr Neptune moving to square Pluto in 2017 as well, then square Saturn, Sun in the years following. So the shutters won’t come up in a hurry despite President Obama’s entente cordiale. Which the next incumbent may pull back from anyway.

North and Saint West – destined for Jupiterian heights and problems



Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s two children were born: North West (a girl) 15 June 2013 5.34am Los Angeles; and Saint West (a boy) 5 December 2015 6.13 am, LA.

Both have very complicated charts with strong Jupiters on the angles.

North has Sun Jupiter on her Ascendant so will view her father in a rosy light as a confidence-giver. She also has a 4th house Moon which does suggest family and father are experienced as reasonably stable elements in her life. Her Moon opposes Neptune on her MC square an 12th house Mars – so mother will be needy, inaccessible at times and angry; though also possessive with a Moon trine Pluto. She has a wide Water Grand Trine of a 5th house Saturn in Scorpio trine Neptune trine Venus (Mercury) in Cancer, formed into a Kite by Venus Mercury opposition Pluto, making her self-protective, creative, talented, intense, probably designed for a business role in the entertainment business with Saturn in the 5th. Her Pluto opposition squares onto Uranus so she’ll be innovative, rebellious, a fairly disruptive force, though caring with Neptune on her MC.

Saint has Jupiter in Virgo on his midheaven, so lucky in life and in his career. He’s quite defensive with Saturn in Sagittarius on his Ascendant conjunct his Sun. His Sun Mercury in Sag square his Jupiter so he’ll be an odd mix of laid-back and overly serious. He experiences his mother as the more confident of his parents though a bit of a drama queen. His father comes across as Saturn Neptune so more unstable,. And with an explosive Uranus opposition Mars (Moon) in Libra square Pluto in the 2nd, he’ll inherit both of his parents’ volatile temperaments. He’ll channel his energies into making money, perhaps the music end of the business with a rock n’ roll Uranus in the 5th and a needs-an-audience 10th house Moon.

Iraq – struggling to be reborn



Another bomb atrocity in Iraq has killed around 80 people, many of them Shia pilgrims, some Iranian, returning from a holy festival south of Baghdad. The Islamic State said it carried out the attack, probably in a diversionary tactic since they are under severe pressure from Iraqi Government forces pushing to drive them out of Mosul, their last major stronghold in Iraq.

The Iraq 23 August 1921 6am chart, is being seriously challenged by this September and next February’s Solar Eclipses in Virgo/ Pisces in hard aspect to the Iraq Uranus in Pisces; even more so by the August 2017 Solar Eclipse which is conjunct the Iraq Leo Sun. So it will be a critical time with the chance of a new road ahead, but only if radical reforms are carried through.

2017/18 will be emotionally intense years for the population with tr Pluto opposition the Iraq Venus and square the 8th house Aries Moon. There will be a push to restore Iraq’s reputation but it won’t be an easy victory, with a still fragile political situation. There will be even more economic headaches than usual, in a financial situation already fraught because of falling oil prices and the cost of the war against ISIS.

The Eclipses run on into 2018 causing upsets as they oppose the Iraq Sun and then conjunct the Iraq Venus. The best hope is when tr Pluto moves to trine the Iraq Jupiter from 2019 but that is followed by tr Pluto trine Saturn, so it won’t be an easy road to any semblance of security and normality.

Anselm Kiefer – lest we forget



Anselm Kiefer is a German artist, whose often melodramatic paintings have been focussed on never letting Germany forget the horrors of its Nazi past or the destruction that nationalism and war brings. He has just opened a new exhibition in London, more installation art than paintings, which again evokes the nightmares from history which have become ever present.

He was born 8 March 1945 in a small village called Donaueshingen in Germany, which was being bombed by the British. [Just to put it into perspective it is reckoned that 600,000 German civilians died in WW11 from air raids, with 4.5 million military casualties; and 65,000 civilians died in the UK during those six years, along with 400,000 forces personnel. WW11 was the deadliest in history with an estimated 50 million plus civilians dead and 25 million combat deaths in total.]

He’s a Sun Pisces opposition Jupiter so creative and inclined to large ideas. His Mars in Aquarius is in a wide opposition to Pluto; and he has planets in all three Air signs; plus a Sagittarius/Capricorn Moon opposition Saturn. So fuelled by anger and ideas.

But it is really down into his 5th and 7th Harmonics (quintiles and septiles) that his talent emerges. His inspirational 7H has a brutal Grand Trine of Saturn Pluto Mars; and a stressed Yod of an explosive Mars Uranus onto the 7H Sun. So what fires his imagination is war (Saturn Pluto) and the damage that it causes (+ Mars); and he expresses himself (Sun) in shocking images.

His get-it-together 5H is mellower, more Neptunian, enabling him to magic fantasy representations out of his deepest fears. Neptune is tied into a paranoid though prolific T square with Sun Saturn; and is also in aspect to an exuberant Mars Jupiter Venus.

His obstinate and outspoken Mars in Aquarius is exactly square the Germany 1871 Pluto in the 8th, so he taps into the country’s deepest fears and guilt. His regretful Saturn in Cancer square Neptune are also in hard aspect to the Germany  Sun and Saturn in Capricorn, as well as the Germany Mars,  so his life and work are an uncomfortable reminder of their history.

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