Bob Iger + Disney – Neptune’s vision made real

Bob Iger, one of Hollywood’s most powerful and stratospherically successful men is stepping down as CEO of Disney. In his fifteen-year tenure he has built up a powerhouse of franchises, acquiring Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and the marquee assets of Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox; and recently set up the streaming platform WaltDisney+ to counter Netflix and others.

Born 10 February 1951 in New York, he’s an enduring, controlling and super-ambitious Aquarius Sun opposition Pluto, trine Neptune. With his Neptune sextile Pluto inconjunct North Node Mars, Jupiter, Venus in Pisces – so the other face of creative, visionary Neptune. Not always riddled with sentimentality – viz Harvey Weinstein and Rupert Murdoch, both with Pisces Suns – but undoubtedly imaginative and can make productive businessmen.  Neptune rules photography and the movie business since it’s favoured vehicle is the image not the word.

Iger’s Neptune was conjunct the Disney film’s Sun Saturn in Libra (16 October 1923); with his Pisces planets including Jupiter trine the Disney Pluto and its Uranus, forming a creative Water Grand Trine. His Sun opposition Pluto hooked into the Disney Jupiter in Scorpio square Neptune – another positive link.

Disney is ploughing through thick mud this year with tr Pluto square the Sun Saturn; but it’s 2023 when they’ll face their biggest challenge with a discouraging and blocked Solar Arc conjunct Sun Saturn.


Katherine Johnson – a Neptune inspired maths genius


Katherine Johnson, a trail-blazing mathematician, overcame racial and gender discrimination to become a kay part of Nasa’s space exploration programme. Her calculations, made with a slide rule and pencil, were critical to the missions which sent Apollo 11 to land on the moon and afterwards to see Neil Armstrong’s history-making moonwalk and return to Earth. Her story was told in the 2016 Hollywood film “Hidden Figures.” She has just died at 101.

She was born 26 August 1918 in West Virginia with a farmer/lumberjack father and a teacher mother, was fascinated by numbers from an early age, and excelled at school and then college, despite the restrictions placed on African-American education.

What’s fascinating about her chart is partly the confidence and determination it exudes with a Virgo Sun on the focal point of a trine from Pluto Jupiter trine Mars in Scorpio. But also the prominence of her Neptune in Leo. It is conjunct her Venus and perhaps on the focal point of a T Square of Mars opposition Moon. Her Saturn in Leo also sat exactly on her Sun/Neptune midpoint.

Her super-star 22nd harmonic has an exceptionally notable Neptune.

Neptune is surprisingly often prominent in genius-level mathematicians’ charts, which isn’t quite what you’d expect. Mary Cartwright, a Brit pure mathematician, an expert on chaos theory, 17 Dec 1900, was a Sun Jupiter in Sagittarius opposition Neptune and Pluto. Andrew Wiles, 11 April 1953, who solved Fermat’s Theorem is a Sun Venus in Aries opposition Neptune Saturn. He has two Yods – of Mercury in Pisces sextile Jupiter in Taurus onto Neptune Saturn – and Pluto sextile Neptune Saturn inconjunct Mercury. So heavily Neptunian/Piscean.  Leonhard Euler, 15 April 1707, was a Sun Neptune in Aries trine Pluto Jupiter in Leo.  Bernard Riemann, 17 Sept 1826, was a Sun Jupiter Mercury in Virgo with Mercury trine/sextile a Neptune opposition Saturn.


Coronavirus – coping with dread ++ market meltdown ++

Coronavirus has turned into a full-blown global panic as it spreads from the Far East into Europe and the USA. Despite the astrology being more similar to the Saturn Pluto 2003 SARS outbreak than the Saturn Neptune 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak, the numbers are veering alarmingly upwards. (See previous post January 25 2020). Apart from understandable personal fears, there is also an almost certain prospect of a ‘sudden stop’ financially as supply chains dry up and international travel is restricted.

Several things make 2020 stand out as a more-than-usually difficult year. One is the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn which points to hardship, deprivation, financial restrictions. There was only one exact aspect, last month, but its’ sombre influence will be in effect all year every time the Sun or Mars in a Cardinal sign aspects Saturn and Pluto still in orb – March, April, July, August, September, October, December.

There’s also the possible effect of Saturn moving into Aquarius late March to early July which, while not in exact square to Uranus in Taurus, will have a shiver of that effect, most often associated with financial downturns and economic instability. It moves to exact in 2021 though by that time Jupiter has also moved into Aquarius which should ease the effect.

The Saturn Pluto followed by Jupiter conjunction is similar to the 1817 broad conjunction of the three in Pisces which led to the ‘Panic of 1819, the first major peacetime financial crisis in the USA followed by a general collapse of the American economy persisting through 1821. The Panic announced the transition of the nation from its colonial commercial status with Europe toward a dynamic economy, increasingly characterized by the financial and industrial imperatives of laissez-faire capitalism. Though driven by global market adjustments in the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars, the severity of the downturn was compounded by excessive speculation in public lands, fuelled by the unrestrained issue of paper money from banks and business concerns.’  So financial collapse – Saturn Pluto = deprivation – followed by resurgence from Jupiter. It was a major turning point at least for the USA. (From previous post August 30 2017.)

The other relevant astro-factor in 2020 are the Eclipses. From earlier Feb 6 2020 post: The Solar Eclipses this year are in spine-straightening Saros Series. The late December 2019 at four degrees Capricorn heralded a sense of traumatic transformation and significant endings running in effect for several months across the beginning of this year.

The 21st June 2020 Solar Eclipse at zero degrees Cancer is associated with difficulties, restrictions, inhibitions, separations and illusions. Bernadette Brady remarks in The Eagle and the Lark that this eclipse brings blocks and ’the individual is prone to misjudging his or her strength and is best advised to wait before taking any real action.’ It was around previously in 2002, 1984, 1966, 1948, 1930 and 1912.

The 14th December 2020 Sagittarius Solar Eclipse casting its shadow over the following months is strongly emotional about relationships or money. There is a sense of fatedness and individuals feel they are caught up in situations or relationships beyond their control. This will bring acute frustrations and the advice is to avoid rash actions. It was around before in 2002, 1984, 1966, 1948, 1930, 1912.

A mishandled reaction in the USA (not beyond the bounds of possibility) plus a financial hit to the markets will impact on Trump’s chances of re-election if he’s still standing by then. The New York Stock Exchange chart is in serious meltdown from late this month on and off till late January 2021 with tr Neptune opposition the Mars.

European indexes have had their worst fall since 2011. The FTSE All World index, 31 December 1986, has the ‘utter devastation’ Solar Arc Neptune square Pluto at the moment as well as the bubble-bursting tr Neptune conjunct its Jupiter in Pisces and tr Neptune will continue on to conjunct the Mars/Jupiter midpoint and then Mars until late 2023 – so a longish phase of market panic.

The FTSE EuroFirst, 31 December 1985, is equally desolate and shaken to its core with a Solar Arc Neptune square the Mars/Pluto midpoint, moving to square Mars in 2022; with Solar Arc Saturn conjunct the Capricorn Sun with the Eclipses hitting on the Sun as well early and middle of this year. The Germany DAX has the car-crash halt of Solar Arc Pluto opposition Mars at the moment; and the Solar Arc Sun and Mercury picking up the tr Saturn in Aquarius opposition in late March, worsening through 2021 as the Solar Arc Sun is in a confused opposition to Neptune and a setback square to Saturn.

Stock Market index charts aren’t always as illuminating but these are fairly stark.

More Add on: Wall Street’s benchmark stock index has seen its quickest correction since the Great Depression. A six-day losing streak has pushed the market more than 10 per cent below its recent peak. That ranks as the fastest time to correction since July 1933 — when the S&P 500 dropped 13.3 per cent in two sessions — according to calculations by the Financial Times.

Other two index charts – Tokyo and Hong Kong would also suggest this isn’t an overnight panic but one which could well worsen in 2022/23.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the Telegraph proffers a sobering but sensible review of the facts:

The Daily Mail, as per usual, is working itself up into a catastropherian lather with a worst case scenario of half a million UK deaths. Their chart, 4 May 1896, has, as expected, not just a fear-the-worst Mars Pluto square but Mars square a delusionally-over-the-top Neptune Pluto. Mars Pluto types tend to see death, disaster and melodrama everywhere. Maybe I’m being unduly laid-back but it doesn’t feel like a rerun of the Black Death. Time will tell.

Saturn Pluto does tend to induce a sense of dread which, from personal conversations, appears to be affecting many people at the moment in all areas of their lives away from health. A pervading sense of alarm and a runaway imagination fearing disasters wherever they put out a foot.

Harvey Weinstein – guilty of rape and criminal sexual assault


Harvey Weinstein has been found guilty of rape in the third degree and criminal sexual assault, but cleared of the most serious charges of predatory sexual assault by a court in New York. The jury took a week to come to their decision. Their verdict on each charge had to be unanimous, or else a mistrial would be declared. He’ll remain remanded until March 11.

Tr Saturn is almost exactly in a blocking square to his Solar Arc Midheaven, within a degree, suggesting his birth time of 9.45pm is reasonably sound. His Progressed Moon is also in a downbeat square to his Saturn exactly now. His bullying, control-freak Pluto on his Midheaven square Mars in Scorpio on his Ascendant has moved by Solar Arc to catch a several year run ahead of tr Pluto hard aspects starting late this month. He’s also got undermining Neptune transits through this year and next; though one upbeat Uranus transit to a Jupiter midpoint in March, so the sentence may not be as bad as he feared – or an appeal is being launched. But one way or another he’ll never be back.

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The Harvey Weinstein #metoo court saga winds on with the long-delayed start due on September 9th. He has been charged with two counts of predatory sexual assault, one count of criminal sexual act in the first degree, one count of first-degree rape and one count of third-degree rape to which he had pleaded not guilty on all counts. It’ll be a viciously fought trial and the legal system can be a very blunt instrument for tackling sexual offences, often ending with skewed verdicts. If found guilty, he could spend the rest of his life in jail. More than 80 women have alleged sexual misconduct on the part of the producer, over four decades though the court case only involves two women.

He’s onto his third set of defence lawyers which now includes a powerful female Chicago attorney who specializes in defending men in sexual harassment cases, Donna Rotunno. She has previously argued that the #MeToo movement has done a disservice to women. She said “I believe women are responsible for the choices that they make,” and suggested she could get away with a good deal more in cross examination as a woman.

Weinstein was born 19 March 1952 with an unverified time of 9.45pm in New York. It’s a feasible birth time putting his final degree filmic Pisces Sun in the entertaining 5th house; and his ruthlessly dominating Pluto on his Midheaven square a vengeful Mars in Scorpio on his Ascendant. Plus a fountain-of-initiative Cardinal Grand Cross of Saturn Neptune opposition Mercury Jupiter in pro-active Aries square Uranus opposition a Capricorn Moon.

He’ll go into the trail on a confident high with tr Pluto square his Jupiter but since it also squares his Neptune through till early November his hopes are likely to be dashed. Late September to mid November as well he has tr Neptune opposition his Saturn/Pluto midpoint which Ebertin describes as ‘shattered nerves’ as well as ‘falsehoods and frauds.’ From late January 2020 the trapped, infuriated, scary, powerless tr Pluto conjunct his Sun/Mars midpoint returns for a few weeks and repeats on and off till late year; with a confidence-eroding tr Neptune square his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint picking up next spring and running through till 2021. So he won’t exactly be bouncing with exuberance.

The BBC are showing a documentary Untouchable: The Rise and Fall of Harvey Weinstein on September 1st

Actress Rosanna Arquette is interviewed in it as one of the first women to share details of Weinstein’s abuse with Ronan Farrow in the New Yorker and in the New York Times along with Rose McGowan. She talks of her career being ruined as she spurned his advances and the documentary investigates Weinstein’s use of an Israel intelligence firm to put together profiles on his adversaries in order to undermine their allegations and dissuade them from speaking out.

Her fear and paranoia which she speaks openly about (see URL below) are understandable and show up starkly on the astrology. She was born 10 August 1959 4.45pm New York which gives her an 8th house Sun Uranus in Leo which Weinstein’s Pluto sits directly on top of with his Mars square. A scary combination which will strike deep fear in her.


Priti Patel – not winning the war of leaks


Priti Patel, the UK Home Secretary, is knee-deep in rumours of spats with her senior civil servants with the Times reporting multiple Home Office sources accusing her of bullying, belittling officials and presiding over an “atmosphere of fear”. There has also been a leak (hotly denied) that MI5 has been keeping intelligence away from her. There was general surprise she wasn’t dumped at the recent reshuffle since she’s generally regarded as weak and not up to the role. Though it is a monstrous job in a dysfunctional department.

Sim Jenkins writes in the Guardian: “Patel’s greatest fans would not laud her subtlety and sensitivity. A lack of experience and chequered ministerial career restored her to high office only because Boris Johnson wanted a right-wing loyalist who would carry his anti-Europeanism to extremes. Patel has set about this with a bludgeon.”

She was born 29 March 1972, of second-generation immigrant Ugandan-Indians, and is a longstanding Eurosceptic. Under Theresa May she was Secretary of State for International Development though was forced to resign after a political scandal involving unauthorised meetings with the Government of Israel. Patel has been criticised by political opponents for defending the tobacco and alcohol industries.

She is a Sun and Mercury in pro-active Aries opposition both a controlling Pluto (Moon) and a rebellious Uranus in Libra square Jupiter in Capricorn so she will be ambitious for money and success, as well as status, is lucky, overly excitable and wayward and given to over confidence. She also has a short-tempered Mars Saturn in Gemini opposition Neptune – shades of Dominic Cummings.

Though oddly she doesn’t see eye-to-eye with Cummings and that relationship is more unstable through this spring than with Boris. And Carrie Simmonds seriously doesn’t get on with her – not that there’s any suggestion Carrie is running No 10 but she’s likely to be throwing in the odd comment.

Priti Patel’s own chart looks in for a very rocky ride over coming months with tr Uranus bouncing off various Sun, Mars, Mercury and Saturn midpoints. April and May look like months of rapidly sinking personal confidence and career losses. And those influences repeat later in the year.

Pic: Richard Townshend

Prince Harry and Meghan – less majesty


The battle Royal within the Windsors is getting tetchy with the Harry/Meghan camp suggesting the Queen doesn’t have jurisdiction over the word Royal when the edict that they have to drop their SussexRoyal branding was handed out. Normally dirty laundry is kept out of sight but it’s clearly not the Hollywood way with whining and puffing from the young couple that others in the family have earned money commercially while retaining their titles. Which is undoubtedly true but in their case was going to be so blatant that it clearly crossed a line that even the family-friendly Queen wasn’t going to accept.

While Meghan will undoubtedly get the blame, Harry should know better, having been brought up to understand the rules and protocols.

His relationship with his father is particularly dire over the next two years – with tr Neptune square the composite Mars for a longish phase of significant disappointment from later this month on and off till late 2021 as well as being opposition the composite Uranus. Tr Pluto is also in a challenging square to the composite Sun this year; and there’s an emotionally upsetting tr Uranus conjunct the composite Moon from July onwards. All of which looks as if it’ll get worse before it gets better.

Harry’s relationship with brother William is also severely stretched through this year with tr Pluto opposition the composite Mercury and tr Uranus square the composite Venus this year, Sun next year and Mars the year after – which again doesn’t look like a rapprochement any time soon.

Harry’s chart looks edgy, nerve-stretched and panicked this year; with tr Saturn moving downwards through his First Quadrant pushing him deeper into unresolved psychological issues and then he picks up heavy duty emotional and negative Solar Arcs in 2022/23.

His relationship chart with Meghan is already running into serious strains. That peculiar composite Moon square Saturn Pluto is under pressure from tr Saturn opposition the composite Moon from the final day of this month, on and off all year; with tr Pluto in a discouraging square to the Saturn from late this month as well, on and off till late 2021, followed by tr Pluto square Pluto in 2021/22 and then opposition Moon in 2022/23.

Her delusional dreams of a multi-billion dollar charity along the lines of the Gates, Obamas, Oprah Winfrey will run into the sand after a year or so when the untitled Royal schtick loses its glister.

Roger Stone – gaming the system


Roger Stone, longtime Trump associate, convicted last year on multiple counts of lying to congressional investigators and on a count of witness intimidation, was handed a 40 month prison term after scathing comments from the Judge. Four prosecutors resigned after the Department of Justice countermanded their request for a longer sentence. Stone’s lawyers moved to disqualify the judge in his case, claiming her remarks at his sentencing rendered her unable to fairly rule on his bid for a new trial. There is also a fair probability that Trump would pardon him.

Justice in America!

Stone isn’t looking remotely cheerful with a couple of Neptunian sinkers through this month and March, followed by a disastrous tr Uranus opposition his Mars/Saturn midpoint in April plus a loss making tr Saturn opposition his Jupiter/Saturn at the same time. Some of these influences run on and off into 2021 as well.

But he does have a ‘lucky’ chart with a string Jupiter opposition Moon Mars square Sun – and a Jupiterian connection to Trump. Though his relationship with Trump is looking a touch separated this year with tr Saturn opposition the composite Sun Mercury.

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Roger Stone, a political strategist and long-time ally of Trump, has been arrested in Florida, charged with seven counts in the Mueller probe – for obstruction of an official proceeding, five counts of false statements, and one count of witness-tampering.

The charges are linked to an alleged Russian-led hack into the emails of Democratic Party officials and their subsequent release by WikiLeaks in the run up to the 2016 US election. According to BBC’s Anthony Zurcher, ‘The move marks a significant development in this nearly two-year legal drama. For the first time a member of Mr Trump’s inner circle, albeit an informal one, is facing charges directly related to Russian election meddling – the central thrust of the special counsel’s investigation.’

Born 27 August 1952 in Connecticut, Stone is a political lobbyist and consultant having worked for Nixon and Reagan and other Republicans; and is a long-time business associate of Paul Manafort. He is a self-confessed ‘dirty trickster’ and says his MO is ‘Attack, attack, attack—never defend” and “Admit nothing, deny everything, launch counterattack.”

He has a Virgo Sun but his chart is dominated by a fearsome, controlling and opportunistic Fixed Grand Cross of Mars (Moon) in Scorpio opposition Jupiter in Taurus square Pluto opposition North Node in Aquarius – ultra-controlling, not given to social niceties, will cut corners to get what he wants, stubborn to the nth degree and vengeful.

He’s unlikely to roll over and play nice for the authorities and giving in is hardly his style. But for all that despite a bullish front from tr Pluto trine his Jupiter through 2019, he looks disheartened, untypically panicked and facing a run of disastrous setbacks this July and onwards into 2020.

His relationship chart with Trump isn’t as beneficial as their long connection would suggest with a mutually unsupportive composite Mars Neptune conjunction; though that is balanced by an expansive Sun Jupiter. It looks on high alert at the moment till mid-February with tr Uranus square the composite Sun; and stressed from tr Neptune in hard aspect to the composite Mars/Pluto; with some relief in April, but mounting concern in June and on.


Al Pacino – not open to gold diggers


Al Pacino has been unkindly dubbed old and stingy by his erstwhile girlfriend, Israeli actress Meital Dohan. She said 79 was too much of an age gap to her 40 years and he didn’t like spending money – despite his reputed $150 million fortune.

Pacino, born 25 April 1940 11.02 am New York, has a 10th house Sun Saturn in Taurus square Pluto – so probably is a touch ungiving at a material level. He grew up poor with a single mother so will have been all too aware of financial insecurity from a young age. Saturn in Taurus can be miserly. He’s got a lucky and confident Jupiter in Aries on his midheaven which trines a flamboyant Sagittarius Moon in his performing 5th house.

Meital, 24 August 1979 in Israel, is a Sun Venus in Virgo with Saturn maybe conjunct Moon also in Virgo and all these planets of hers fall in his 2nd house so his money would be an issue for her. Her ultra-determined and unyielding Mars in Cancer square Pluto are in a tricky aspect to his Mercury – so communication wouldn’t be easy without flare ups. Her creative but evasive Neptune is conjunct his Moon and opposition his Mars Venus – initially ethereal, but illusions, delusions and disappointment.

Their relationship chart has a cool composite Sun Saturn (which may reflect the age gap) sextile Pluto so was always going to be a heavy-duty connection. There is an unrealistic Moon Neptune; and an adventurous Jupiter Mars conjunction which often appears in fleeting relationships that seemed a good idea on the spur of the moment but with nothing stronger to bind them together don’t last.

He has never married but has had a string of relationships and three children by two different mothers. None of his liaisons has lasted long so I doubt he’ll care overmuch.

Deutsche Bank – a spotlight on the Trump connection



Deutsche Bank, Trump’s lender of last resort, his bolt hole when no other financial outfit would touch him with a bargepole after multiple bankruptcies, has a hair-raising record of malfeasance. They have been fined $17 billion in the last decade on an array of criminal and civil charges in the US and UK for money laundering, with Russia a key component and rate-fixing amongst other sins. They are being investigated for the $1 billion Malaysian Development fund scandal, have been named in Australian criminal cartel charges, did business with Jeffrey Epstein up to 2019 etc etc etc. The bank’s shares lost more than half their value in 2018 and have continued to underperform the broader industry this year.

By this June the Supreme Court will rule on whether subpoenas issued by congressional committees to Deutsche Bank for Trump’s financial records can be enforced along with other cases concerning Trump’s tax returns.

A new book by the financial editor of the New York Times David Enrich In Dark Towers: Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump, and an Epic Trail of Destruction, delivers what has been described as a ‘master class in financial sleuthing’, tracing the history of the bank up to present day including the Trump connection.

Deutsche Bank was founded on 10 March 1870 in Germany which gives a slippery Sun Mars in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius; with a super-confident, rules-don’t-apply-to-us Jupiter Pluto in Taurus on the focal point of a mini-Grand Trine of Sun Mars to Uranus.

Their downhill slide will continue and accelerate this year from late March onwards till late 2021 with tr Neptune conjunct the Sun and Mars bringing a panicky sense of failure.

Trump’s relationship chart with them looks edgy at the moment, undermined late March onwards, jolted in April with tr Uranus conjunct the composite Sun and into disaster territory by June onwards. It’s too much to hope the Supreme Court might do the decent thing but you never know – the impossible might happen. His upset with them continues into 2021.

Ivanka, Don Jnr and Ivanka were also mentioned in paperwork as well as Steven Bannon’s throwaway remarks about Jared Kushner’s connection.

Ivanka’s relationship chart with the bank looks uncertain and panicked this month; very up and down all year; with a tussle for the upper hand so she won’t give in easy.

Don Jnr and Eric look agitated vis a vis the bank through 2020/2021 with worse in the two years to follow.

Jared will be tossed this way and that from March onwards and will be feeling the pain on into 2021 as well.