Judith Krantz – steamy romances


Judith Krantz who lead the way with “sex and shopping” fiction has died aged 91. She moved from ladies magazine journalism to novels fairly late, aged 50, but became an instant best-seller and was heavily promoted by her husband, a TV producer. Her 10 novels sold more than 85 million copies and most were made into TV series.

Born 9 January 1928 10.30am New York to ambitious careerist parents, father in advertising and mother a lawyer, who left her upbringing to nannies, she married in her twenties, and wrote for many years on fashion, before being prompted into romance novels.

She was a Sun Mercury in ambitious and creative Capricorn opposition Pluto, so determined when she got going. She had an adventurous and risk-taking Jupiter Uranus on her Ascendant in a volatile square to Mars in Sagittarius in the publishing 9th. Her Venus Saturn in Sagittarius were also in the 9th. Her flamboyant Leo Moon which likes to live the five-star way was trine Saturn and Mars and widely conjunct Neptune so her emotional life wouldn’t always be calm.

She wasn’t much rated by the critics but her readers adored her.

Ana Kreigel – Ireland traumatised by her murder


The horror sexual assault and murder of a vulnerable teenager by even younger teenagers has shaken Ireland as the seven week trial drew to a close. Two boys, unnamed for legal reasons, were found guilty of enticing Ana Kreigel to an abandoned farmhouse when they were 13, where they attacked and killed her.

Born 18 February 2004 in Siberia, she was adopted as a two- year old and evidently bullied for being different. At one point she also suffered from a brain tumour after which she suffered some memory and hearing loss. She was a Sun Aquarius with Mercury Neptune also in Aquarius and her Sun was conjunct Uranus in early Pisces. She had a tough mini Grand Trine of Uranus trine Saturn sextile Mars in Taurus which would give her courage but also attract difficult situations into her life. She also had a confident Jupiter square Pluto and trine Mars.  She was described as ‘unique and fun.’

When she died Solar Arc Pluto had moved to oppose her Saturn which is bleak enough; with tr Neptune hovering round the opposition to her Jupiter bringing dashed-hopes and conjunct her Solar Arc Uranus for stretched-nerves. The transiting Sun that day was exactly conjunct her Solar Arc Mars. Solar Arc Neptune was heading to conjunct her Sun; and tr Saturn was just reversing away from a trine to her Mars.

Reminiscent of the Bulger killings in the UK years ago. It is beyond tragic having gone through so much by the age of fourteen that she was then targeted by two psychopathic screw-ups.

E Jean Carroll – risking her reputation by speaking out


E Jean Carroll, one of the USA’s most popular advice columnists, has written a book in which she says she was sexually assaulted by Donald Trump in the mid 1990s. She said she told two friends at the time but was advised she’d be buried in lawyers if she reported it, so stayed silent.   No doubt this will go the way of the other manifold allegations against him, written off as fake news and fiction. So no one is going to be any the wiser.

Born 12 December 1943 she’s a Sun Sagittarius opposition Saturn in Gemini which falls across Trump’s Full Moon. She’s also got a volatile Mars Uranus in Gemini sextile Pluto North Node in Leo and inconjunct Mercury in Capricorn – giving her leadership abilities, making her hyper-active at a mental and communication level, tending to be scattered but ultimately designed to be a teacher or social enlightener.

Her Jupiter in entertaining Leo is conjunct Trump’s Mars so it is a high-energy interface; though her Saturn sitting on top of his Sun will have a seriously dampening effect on him.

On her personal chart at the moment her Solar Arc Saturn is conjunct her Mars which will accompany a deal of grief as she’ll no doubt be avalanched with denials and vituperation from the fan base. And while 2020 will have its moments of great elation as her Solar Arc Mars is conjunct her Jupiter, she’ll also have a run of uncertainty with tr Neptune square her Sun, and moving after that to conjunct her Sun/Saturn midpoint and finally square her Saturn in 2021/22.

There’s no absolute way of telling from the astrology about guilt or innocence but their relationship chart is certainly under slipping and sliding Neptune transits for the next three years. There’s a superficially sociable composite Sun, Venus, Jupiter; but also a composite Mars conjunct Node which is conjunct Saturn, giving rise to anger. Around the time the alleged incident took place in late 95/early 96 tr Saturn was then opposing the composite Sun, Jupiter, Venus – dampening good feelings.  And tr Neptune (conjunct tr Uranus) was opposing Trump’s Saturn Venus in Cancer. It was the time when he was climbing out of her near-bankruptcy phase.  See previous post 19th June below.

Jeremy Hunt – his odds improving


Jeremy Hunt’s rank-outsider status in the Tory leadership fight has jumped to a more hopeful possible with news of Boris Johnson’s plate-smashing fight with his girl-friend. There was always a risk that Boris would put his foot in it given his erratic, reckless and overly excitable tendencies.

Hunt, 1 November 1966, is a steadier Sun Venus in Scorpio square Jupiter in Leo and where before his nickname of ‘continuity May’ was deemed damaging, it may seem less of a handicap that he’s less volatile. Though he will have his moments with tumultuous and scattered Mars, Pluto and Uranus in Virgo square a Gemini Moon.

He looks strung-out till early July with tr Pluto conjunct his Saturn/Neptune midpoint. Then from July 10th he picks up tr Pluto trine his Sun/Jupiter midpoint (unless a very early morning birth). This is mildly successful and Boris looks logjammed from the same time. Though Hunt is also feeling inferior, weak-willed thereafter and in a definite panic from mid August onwards till early 2020.

The problem with predicting this election, apart the usual ones and no birth time, is that while egos may yearn for No 10, common sense indicates that this is the worst of times, coming as it does with the chalice of hemlock that is Brexit.

Pic: Chris McAndrew.

Apple – running into major squalls


Apple is rolling through tricky territory with sales of Iphones falling precipitately recently and the trade war with China hitting the company hard. Their massive operations in China have taken decades to set up, so any actions to relocate manufacturing facilities certainly wouldn’t happen overnight and would be a costly step.

The Apple 1 April 1976 chart is wobbling around uncertainly at the moment with Solar Arc Neptune opposition the Saturn now; although 2021/22 is when the pressure really bites as tr Neptune undermines the financial Venus then and there is a hardship, grinding-struggle tr Pluto opposition Saturn as well.

The Apple Nasdaq 12 December 1980 10 am New York chart is labouring through setbacks this year and next with tr Saturn conjunct Mars and square Pluto; with some lift in 2021 from Solar Arc Uranus square Jupiter, followed by a jolting down in 2021 with Solar Arc Uranus square Saturn – very rock n’ roll throughout the next two or three years.

Tim Cook, 1 November 1960, is worried this year with tr Neptune square his Mercury/Saturn midpoint; but is in a much worse predicament through 2020/21 with a devastating Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Neptune and then a blocked conjunction to his Sun; plus a discouraging Solar Arc Saturn square his Venus.  He looks on better form through 2023/24.

Hope Hicks – a slippery Libra

Hope Hicks, a Trump top communications aide for eighteen months in 2017/18 tap danced through seven hours of a house judiciary committee interrogation about her time in the White House, with White House lawyers accompanying her steering her away from answering questions 155 times. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle said little was learned from her testimony and chairman Jerry Nadler said the blanket objection to answering questions would “not stand.” Some committee members said the next step is going to court and forcing Hicks and others to fully comply with subpoenas and answer questions.

Hicks, born 21 October 1988, is a Sun Libra sextile Saturn Uranus in Sagittarius with Mercury in Libra trine Jupiter and square Neptune so a good if evasive communicator.

Her relationship chart with Trump, like Sarah Sanders, is built on warm friendliness with a composite Sun Venus conjunction; though the composite Sun Venus is in an illusory and ultimately disappointing square to Neptune. There’s also a hard-edged, one-sided composite Mars trine Saturn; and a constant-change Uranus opposition Pluto. And her Saturn Uranus conjunct/opposition his Full Moon isn’t ideal.

There’s a definite frisson of uncertainty and worry on the relationship chart from tr Neptune opposition the Sun/Saturn midpoint till mid August and returning off and on next year; a discouraging tr Pluto opposition Saturn/Node from mid July for a few weeks and again late in the year. So there may be a further instalment of this or something similar later on.

Her own chart has Solar Arc Saturn Uranus square the Sun around now, though it may come later in several months, which is seriously jangled. She’s also got a repeat scarily-trapped tr Pluto conjunct her Mars/Pluto mid July to late August for a few weeks and again November/December this year. She’ll sag badly late September to mid November and again mid December to late January 2020 with a couple of Neptune transits to midpoints. She’ll get some uplift late year but will feel the pressure.

Keith Raniere – dominating for his pleasure


Keith Raniere, who moved from marketing, to running a pyramid scheme to setting up a personal development organisation using sex slaves has been found guilty of sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit forced labor, amongst other offences. He had recruited members of the influential Bronfman family, heirs to the billion-dollar Seagrams fortune to become involved in his cult. He faces a mandatory minimum of 15 years and a possible life sentence.

Born August 26 1960, he’s a controlling Sun Pluto conjunction in a tough-minded trine to Saturn, sextile Neptune – not short of ambition and Neptune Pluto can lean towards megalomania. He also has an opportunistic (chancer’s) Mars in Gemini opposition Jupiter square Venus in Virgo – superficially charming, self-centred from Venus Mars, lacking emotional depth.

What’s astrologically interesting is the strength of his 5th Harmonic, which can be creative and make for good business sense but has tendencies towards domination, forcing others to fit in with his life ideal. His not-always-well-balanced 7H is also marked and cruel. Even more so is his 18th harmonic which being a double of the pleasure-seeking 9H can go very bad.

Tr Neptune is moving in hard aspect round his Mars, Venus, Jupiter T square this year and on for several years which will undermine his ebullience, bringing a panicky sense of failure and dashed hopes.

Nicholas Sarkozy – brickbats coming from all directions

Nicolas Sarkozy, former French president, doesn’t have his woes to seek with another prosecution looming on charges of corruption and abuse of power.  He is accused of trying to bribe a magistrate by offering a prestigious job in Monaco in return for information about a criminal inquiry into alleged illicit payments from the L’Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt for his 2007 presidential campaign. He is also separately standing trial over allegations that his 2012 presidential campaign issued fake invoices to conceal €18.5m worth of overspending. All hotly denied.

His astrology does not look good ahead, indeed is seriously logjammed. He was born 28 January 1955 10 pm Paris, France and has an adventurous Uranus Jupiter in his 10th square a slippery Neptune in his financial 2nd house and trine Saturn in obsessive Scorpio with his Saturn in an unyielding square to Pluto. And a fiery Moon Mars in Aries in his 7th.

At the moment he has his Solar Arc Saturn is a jolting opposition to his Uranus causing high-tension disruptions for the next few weeks. Plus his Progressed Moon is exactly now in an intense conjunction with his Pluto as he loses his final bid to stop the prosecution.  Tr Neptune is moving back to square his Mars/Pluto midpoint from mid August and then on and off into early 2020 which is completely squashed.

But the real whammy is his Progressed Mars now conjunct the Fixed Star Algol and moving to a trapped, scary and deeply frustrating square to his Pluto, hanging around from now onwards, intensifying through next year until early 2021. With his Progressed Moon going through his 12th until 2022 – it’ll be a marathon test of his nerves and morale.

James Bond 25 – all shook up


The shooting of the 25th James Bond movie lurches from one mishap to another with an injured Daniel Craig needing ankle surgery after an accident; an explosion which blew up part of the Pinewood set; and this after Danny Boyle pulled out late in the day as director after creative differences over the script. The script is now being written and rewritten by several people which never bodes well. And the new director Cary Fukunaga, from media reports, has caused aggro with the crew by turning up late.  All in all not a happy ship.

Fukunaga was born 10 July 1977 5.33 pm Alameda, California. He was much awarded for directing the first season of HBO’s True Detective and highly praised for his Beasts of No Nation with Idris Elba. He has an intense 8th house Cancer Sun in a controlling square to Pluto; with an ultra-determined Mars Moon in Taurus is an impatient though disciplined square to Saturn – not the easiest personality.

His Cancer Sun is a reasonable match with Daniel Craig’s Pisces Sun but there’s a ratchety crossover between Craig’s hard-edged Mars in Aries which opposes his Pluto and squares his Sun.

Producer Barbara Broccoli, 18 June 1960 9.55 am Santa Monica, California, again has a reasonably light hearted and friendly mix of her Sun Venus in Gemini conjunct his Jupiter; but her Saturn opposes his Sun and her Uranus is conjunct his Saturn and square his Mars which is definitely gritty.

Fukunaga is having a discouraging year ahead with tr Saturn opposing his Sun recently and again in the autumn; an undermining tr Neptune opposing his Saturn/Node exactly now and repeating on and off till late 2020. Plus a run of jolting, accident and catastrophe-prone Uranus transits to midpoints from mid November till early March 2020 – presumably through editing since it’s due for release in April 2020 – though that may well slide back.

Daniel Craig must be wishing he’d stuck to his guns and refused to do this one – he’s slipping and sliding through a very Neptunian patch right into and through 2020 – lack lustre and rather dissatisfied. Certainly he’s looking deflated in April 2020 and across the summer of next year when it may launch.

Principal Photography kicked off on 28 April which was when there was a limp, directionless Neptune square Mars and Jupiter; with a disruptive Sun Uranus in Taurus. If it does stick to its release date tr Jupiter will be conjunct the Pluto which may help to give it some uplift.

See also post April 25 2019.

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