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August 24 - September 23

Today's Horoscope for Tuesday October 16th

Maybe you are flashing cash around extravagantly to boost your self-esteem. You want to impress but try to save for security as well. The key thing at the moment is to learn the lessons of handling cash successfully. You will be more emotional in the way you connect to people. Really reaching out and expecting friendship in return. You want deep relationships and meaningful connections. Just don't get too wrapped up in your own feelings and forget to ask what others want.

The Weekly Outlook from 15th October

Mercury, the communication planet, is close to Venus which is affectionate and charming. So early in the week is a good time to tell other people what you feel about them in a positive way. You are going to appreciate beauty, listen to music or even go off to write a poem. Watch your health since you could be a little over-heated, even accident-prone at times. Put as much attention towards getting your body fit as you do towards practical work matters.

Your Monthly Horoscope for October

Your hard work should be paying off in solid results which should boost your finances and your morale in equal measure. Money will be on your mind as you dig in to push ahead with plans to improve your earning power or your security. You'll be tempted to spend as well as save, so keeping your extravagances to a minimum will help. You will want to look like a persona of substance but throwing money around to impress isn't the best way of gaining attention. Turn your imagination to good use and achieve more. Looking after health and fitness to boost your stamina will be crucial. Everyday companions at work and elsewhere will go out of their way to shower you with compliments and thoughtful gestures to keep you smiling. And your charming way of expressing yourself will guarantee your popularity. Loved ones will be acting in a more determined fashion that usual before the 12th so handle them with care and dexterity and don't let them have the upper hand. You'll be racing along in the final week, following through on your own original ideas, not caring what anyone else thinks or says.

and Next Month's Horoscope for November

Your feet won't touch the ground and your tongue won't be still, as you race around with more short distance trips, chats and meetings than usual. You'll be multi-tasking like mad, juggling several projects and be in your element with long to-do lists to check off. Which doesn't mean you won't sink down gratefully at home more often as Jupiter moves into Sagittarius for a year. You'll have a chance to relax with loved ones, be happy in your own company and perhaps even contemplate expanding your domestic surroundings. Spending money will also prove all too irresistible as treats and luxuries catch your eye. From mid month you won't be as drained from overwork. Close partners will be lively and at times argumentative. If you can throw yourself behind their schemes and co-operate you'll go faster further. Good news on the home and family front will keep you smiling as the month draws to a close.

Year Ahead 2018

A busy busy, varied and enthusiastic everyday schedule will keep you on the run and never bored. Always a great chatter, you'll be communicating with even more exuberance and finding that your new more positive and tolerant approach is paying dividends. Suddenly your world will seem a brighter place with new contacts and fun encounters along the way.rnThere'll be less time for fun and social high-jinks since duty will get in the way and you may find it more difficult to be spontaneous and outgoing. Make the effort. You all too easily fall into being a workaholic. Remember you're an Earth sign and they always need some indulgence before they feel happy. Those close may be landing heavier responsibilities on you which will teach you valuable lessons about love. In giving to others you give to yourself.rnOne close partner will be vague, preoccupied or even downright evasive. And truthfully you won't be too sure of how committed you want to be. Search out more spiritual connections and you'll be more satisfied.rnJoint finances will continue to be up and down, sometimes great and at other times unexpected expenses will throw your budget out. So plan to save when there is surplus to tide you over the leaner times.rnThe first half year will be hard-working so you'll need to be on top efficiency form, as well as boosting your fitness and stamina when you can. After mid year you'll want more time for private reflection, to put the past into perspective.rnYou'll also from July be keen to widen your circle of friends and to be a better networker. Perseverance will pay off. Late in the year you'll be more content within yourself, relaxing happily at home, even in your own company. And planning how to expand your domestic setting to allow for more entertaining.

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