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February 20 - March 20

Today's Horoscope for Thursday April 19th

When you get the chance to have a private moment in peace and quiet, you can think about personal matters which have been tucked into the background, maybe mull over the past. If you let things come to the surface in your mind you can really sort them out. Maybe you are feeling dissatisfied or muddled. You don't how you want to appear to others or indeed what you really want for yourself. Leave well alone for a couple of days and it may become clearer.

The Weekly Outlook from 16th April

Cast your eye six months ahead and work out where you want to be at that point, financially as well as emotionally. Once you have set your goals, then work out a practical plan for fulfilling them. You can't just hope it all shakes down so give yourself a push. Later in the week you will be skipping around a busier routine than usual. There may be less time for depth than you might like since you'll be pulled in different directions.

Your Monthly Horoscope for April

Pleasure and security will be uppermost in your mind for three weeks with the Sun in the sign after yours. Finding a balance between spending and saving will be crucial to finding peace of mind. Friends may become problematic for a few weeks since arguments are likely and you'll be fairly rigid in your outlook. Try to see where tolerating difference and pulling together could make your life easier. The good connections in your life will weather the storms though you'll rely more and more on old, tried and trusted allies from the past. Everyday companions at work and in the neighbourhood will be complimentary and showing their appreciation to keep your spirits up. Twice during the month your more adventurous plans and projects will get a boost, so you'll be pitching your sights higher, knowing that better times will come. In the final days you will hit a stumbling block either of obstinacy on the part of someone close or a scheme that goes into slow motion. Be patient and persistent and keep all channels of communication open.

and Next Month's Horoscope for May

You'll have a packed everyday schedule in the first three weeks so will need to stay on top of detail, write out lists and ensure you don't end up running round in circles. You'll be making short distance trips and talking constantly, so boredom won't get a look in. Dynamic friends and team mates will ensure you get support and encouragement, as you sort out longer term plans. At points you'll yearn to travel further afield or be involved in more stimulating pursuits, but needs must what is under your nose has to be attended to first. There may be one financial surprise mid month which could push you into an over hasty decision. Hold hard and wait for the dust to settle before committing yourself. If anything you'll be more scattered thereafter, with your head going in several directions at once. You'll find yourself speaking first and thinking second, which could ruffle a few feathers. Be patient if a pet project goes slow. You'll need to pull strings behind the scenes for a few weeks before moving ahead. In the final ten days you'll relax at home with your feet up.

Year Ahead 2018

Following your star is very much a Pisces trait, but in 2018 early on you'll be asking yourself exactly which of your dreams you want to be aiming for. Taking time out to wait for insight to strike may seem a bore, but it will pay off. There is an answer buried deep inside you, perhaps connected to the past, which needs to emerge. And you won't manage that if you are scurrying around at high speed.rnYour enthusiasm will stay high and your ability to get your message across to a wider circle of acquaintances will please you. Not all of your plans will be workable, so be prepared to trim back on over high expectations.rnFriends and team relationships will require extra effort. At times you may be a touch discouraged since there will be fewer around than usual, but the ones there will be rock solid in their support. They'll insist that you keep your eye firmly pinned on the longer term. With their sound advice you'll be getting a game plan together.rnYour finances will continue to be fairly erratic. Sometimes good and sometimes not so great. Just budget sensibly when there is surplus around and you'll cope well. Perhaps also turn your mind to exploring new ways of improving your cash situation. Not taking risks but an approach better fitted to your present circumstances.rnFrom July your thoughts will turn to work and romance. You'll need to ensure your health and fitness regimes are running well and boosting your stamina since you'll be landed with more chores. And also to give yourself the energy to go out to play. Your social life will be getting a reboot. If you've been feeling out of the spotlight and not getting enough attention, then you need to give it. Hand out hugs and compliments and your popularity will soar.rnLate in the year several projects will be a great success so you'll be showered with appreciation and respect.