Ahed Tamimi – a formidable teen activist



17 year old Palestinian Ahed Tamimi’s trial in Israel will be held in closed court against the objections of her attorney. She is charged with 12 offences over multiple confrontations with soldiers spanning back to April 2016 – incitement to violence, aggravated assault, threatening a soldier, incitement on Facebook and throwing objects at people and property. After an initial hearing the proceedings will start in March.

On this most recent occasion she was arrested for slapping an Israeli soldier (in full protective battle kit) after he and his colleagues had parked on her family’s land, fired a rubber bullet into her 14 year old cousin’s face and fired tear gas into their house. She is described as ‘a risk’ to Israel, was been held in isolation and denied access to her parents during interrogations.

She comes from a family who have been engaged in active resistance to Israel’s occupation. From 2013 onwards, they have staged regular demonstrations against the military and the nearby settlers who have taken over their lands and water spring. The protests are met with tear gas, rubber bullets, skunk water and live ammunition. In 2012, Ahed’s father was declared a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International. In 2013, her uncle was killed by a tear gas canister shot to the head. In 2014, her mother was almost permanently disabled when she was shot in the leg. In 2015, a video of Ahed preventing her younger brother from being arrested went viral. Her cousins and her older brother have spent time in Israeli prisons.

Born 31 January 2001 she’s a Sun Neptune in Aquarius; with an astonishingly formidable and aggrieved Saturn in Taurus opposition Mars in Scorpio square Uranus. She won’t budge easily.

Her Fixed Saturn, Mars, Uranus collide with Israel’s equally Fixed Taurus Sun square Mars in Leo. So it’s an inflammatory and unyielding relationship on both sides. The relationship chart has a bitterly hostile and struggle-to-the-death composite Mars Pluto opposition Sun square Saturn and they don’t get bleaker or more aggravated than that. Chained-together by circumstances and resenting it. There will be a turn-around of sorts in 2019/2020 with tr Pluto square the composite Uranus, but which way that will jump isn’t clear. She’ll be battling on determinedly with tr Pluto sextile her Mars in 2019/2020 and then trine her Saturn for a discouraging, uphill struggle in 2020/2021

Note: This is a different birthday to the previous post, wiki having changed its mind (sigh).

Jennifer Lawrence – catalyst for a new young politics



Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence, one of Hollywood’s highest paid and most consistently successful, says she’s taking a year off to focus on activism and help “fix our democracy.” She will be working with the group Represent Us, trying to get young people engaged politically on a local level. It’s non-partisan and anti-corruption.

Born 15 August 1990 8.17pm Louisville, Kentucky, she’s one of the Uranus, Neptune, Saturn conjunction in Capricorn, which will be keen to foster new kinds of politics. Capricorn oversees financial and government institutions. Uranus is reforming. Uranus Neptune can be inspired. Saturn Neptune wants a fairer society. She’s also got do-or-die-determination and guts from Mars in Taurus opposition Pluto square her Leo Sun. And her North Node is in Aquarius, often best served by finding a cause to promote. She has a wide-ish Yod of Sun sextile Moon inconjunct Saturn which, well-handled, can bring a single-minded purpose to life.

If she sticks to her plans she’ll be attacking the problems with vigour with tr Pluto trine her Mars in Taurus from March till late 2019. Though it’ll be an uphill struggle with disappointments and mishaps along the way; with some success and some failure till 2020.

Her healer 12th Harmonic is strong, as is her ‘obsessive dream’ 11H.

Meghan – getting pre-wedding jitters



Meghan Markle is feeling the strain not just of pre-wedding nerves but also of Royal lifestyle restrictions, according to reports. Apart from public walkabouts, she’s fairly confined in Kensington Palace, unable to skip off to the gym or go shopping as she used to. A chat with Camilla is supposed to have calmed her down.

She will be feeling rather discouraged with tr Saturn square her Libra Moon, Saturn, Jupiter from late January till late this month, which will dent her enthusiasm. The late January Lunar Eclipse opposed her Leo Sun, which may have been when the reality of the changes she’s making in her lifestyle hit home. Tr Neptune is also this month opposing her Venus which can bring emotional disappointments.

Prince Harry has been given a new role with a Commonwealth youth initiative which will mean plenty of travelling in future which will help, especially to Africa where he feels most at home.

Meghan will feel increasing pressure through March with tr Uranus square her Sun/Mars midpoint. That may bring a few outbursts, since she’ll be on edge. From late March till late May tr Pluto will be opposing her Mars/Node midpoint which will make her feel hemmed in, frustrated and wary.

Her relationship chart with Prince Harry does look jangled through March and April as tr Uranus opposes the composite Pluto and then squares the composite Moon, so there will be fairly serious ups and downs. And he looks deflated May till late July with a panicky-failure tr Neptune square his Mars.

Her own childhood family tensions won’t be making things any easier. And it’s a huge change for her, giving up her career and relatively carefree life, for the golden cage of a Royal existence.

Florida – reeling from one disaster after another



Florida is in shock after the Parkland shooting coming only 18 months after the Orlando nightclub rampage and Hurricane Irma last September. It’s been a devastating couple of years as first the tr Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces hit on the Florida Pisces Sun in 2016; with a ‘shocking-collision’ Solar Arc Mars square the Sun; then tr Neptune returned to conjunct the Florida Sun over Irma and is back for this teenage atrocity. Neptune has one more undermining and confusing conjunction in November/December this year before moving on.

This year as well sees tr Saturn square the Florida Uranus Jupiter from now, off and on till early December; which will be jolting and discouraging. There could be ructions in March with a hot-tempered tr Uranus trine Mars running, which also hits on the Trump/Florida relationship chart. That chart takes an even bigger dunt in July and onwards; worse in 2019. But there’s no real sign of a revolution on the streets.

Florida doesn’t have a chart that will budge easily with a do-or-die determined Mars trine Pluto and four Fixed planets. But there will be pressure for change starting in 2019 running through 2020. Jupiter in Sagittarius from November this year onwards through 2019 will help to lift spirits.

Guillermo del Toro – ravishing romantic fantasy



Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water released late in 2017 has received 13 nominations for this year Oscars in March; and 12 for the BAFTAs tomorrow. Reviews were mainly rave with a few negatives: ‘visually ravishing fantasy romance The Shape of Water almost drowns in its own gorgeousness. It is a Beauty and the Beast fable where both get to be beautiful and neither has to be beastly. Sally Hawkins gives a career-best performance as a mute who falls for a sea creature in this ravishing romantic fantasy where The Twilight Zone meets Puccini.’ His previously highly acclaimed films have been comic book adaptations, fairy tales and horror.

Del Toro, born 9 October 1964 in Mexico, was brought up strict Catholic but has since turned away from the church and says he dislikes structural authority of any variety. He’s a Sun Mercury in Libra, which is conjunct his supernaturally-inclined Neptune/Pluto midpoint. He has a flamboyant Mars in Leo in a showbizzy square to Neptune, tied into a confident Jupiter in Taurus. With his Jupiter in a hates-failure square to Saturn in specialist-skills Aquarius. Plus a leading-edge, rebellious Uranus Pluto in Virgo which mirrors his thought that: “I hate structure. I’m completely anti-structural in terms of believing in institutions. I hate them. I hate any institutionalised social, religious, or economic holding.” So Uranus Pluto are likely either on his MC or Asc.

His chart comes together more understandably in his harmonics, with a heavily aspected, creative 7th Harmonic, which will attract him to fantasy; as well as a get-it-together and also creative 5H.

He looks confident at the moment with tr Pluto opposing his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint and square his Jupiter/Uranus later in the year. With even more of a boost from tr Pluto trine his Jupiter in 2021/22. So going on and on.

Vlad and Hill – not a match made in heaven



Now that Mueller has moved directly against Russians interfering in the 2016 election, the interesting question isn’t why Putin wanted Trump to win – he was probably as surprised as anyone that Trump actually made it – but what was his beef with Hillary. She was singled out as the bulls’eye target. Observers said Putin was personally insulted when Hillary supported protesters in Moscow accusing Putin of having rigged the 2011 election. He suggested she had fomented the demonstrations to undermine his power. He said “We need to safeguard ourselves from this interference in our internal affairs.” So part payback. She had also been on the hawkish end as Secretary of State, sending defensive weapons to Ukraine; was a staunch supporter of NATO, a staunch supporter of the sanctions [against Russia], and criticized Putin’s annexation of Crimea.

Their charts certainly clash. Putin’s Mars opposes Hillary’s Uranus, trines her Saturn and squares her Pisces Moon, for an explosive and aggravated chemistry; both have determined Venus in Scorpio.

Their relationship chart has a composite Sun Mars Neptune – argumentative, competitive, not mutually supportive (only one can win) with a oneupmanship, power-struggling Pluto opposition Jupiter. That relationship has always been bad but will worsen considerably over the next three years – with tr Pluto square the composite Mars now, and moving to square Sun/Mars and then the Sun in 2019/2020.

Putin’s other aim would be to cause chaos, putting the USA off balance and therefore less likely to be interfering in Russian interests. His Uranus is conjunct the US’s Sun and square the US’s Saturn – so a ratchety interface. With his formidably determined and ruthless Mars (trine Pluto) square the US Neptune. That relationship looks downbeat at the moment and through this year; with challenges and frustrations in 2019/2020; and a re-set only coming from 2021 onwards.

Niklaus Cruz – a disaster waiting to happen



Niklaus Cruz, the Florida shooter may have had foetal alcohol syndrome according to experts who suggest his facial features and previous behaviour suggest some kind of brain disorder. He was adopted young.

Born 24 September 1998, he is a Sun Mercury in Libra sextile Pluto, trine Neptune Uranus and inconjunct Saturn in Taurus, so determined, highly-strung and can-be-fanatical, as well as stressed with low self-esteem. His Scorpio Moon may (if early morning birth) be opposition Saturn square Uranus – so unpredictable emotional reactions and under-nurtured. His Mars is sparsely aspected only being quincunx Jupiter, so he will have problems modulating anger.

His Sun squares his Neptune/Pluto midpoint and his 7th Harmonic is strong, both of which can suggest mental imbalance. His victim 12th harmonic; self-defeating 10H; and ‘mass killer’ 18H are all notable.

He’s got Solar Arc Saturn moving to square his Mars fairly soon; followed by Secondary Progressed Mars square his Pluto – so nothing good ahead.

It defies belief that with his background and history he was able not only able to buy any kind of gun legally, but an assault-type rifle.

Jennifer Aniston – lasting love still elusive



Jennifer Aniston has ‘lovingly’ separated from her actor husband of two years Justin Theroux, swearing they’ll have a ‘cherished friendship’ ahead. Another fan fairy-tale blown apart. According to reports she didn’t share his upmarket-hippy New York lifestyle, preferring to live in hotels or LA.

Born 11 February 1969 10.22pm Los Angeles, she doesn’t have the easiest chart, despite her ditzy-blonde, girlish demeanour. Her Aquarius Sun is in a showbizzy and argumentative and stubborn square to Mars Neptune in Scorpio; and is also on one leg of a Yod in sextile to Saturn in forced-to-be-self-reliant Aries inconjunct Pluto. The latter will make her fairly Plutonic – extreme views, not flexible, inclined to manipulate. Her Venus in Aries in her hard-working 6th house is in an unpredictable and constantly-changing opposition to Uranus Jupiter in Libra. Her outspoken Sagittarius Moon is in a possessive square to Pluto and a cool trine to Saturn. She’ll tend to confuse partners with her contradictory demands.

On the face of it, there was a match to be made since she’s an Air Sun with a Fire Moon and Venus; while he has a Fire Sun and Venus in Leo and a Fire Aries Moon. But both are fairly Fixed, and Martian (combative) and not overly practical.

Their relationship chart isn’t too encouraging with a composite Sun Saturn, good for work but not so much for an emotional connection; the Sun is trine Pluto and Saturn trines Mars – so there would be a fair amount of pushing and pulling for control as well as aggravations which grew into resentments. The composite Sun is also widely opposition Neptune, so a dream and an illusion that can’t cope with reality; the composite Venus is trine Uranus, adventurous but needs space; and a Mars square Uranus is explosive since neither wishes to compromise on what they want. The composite Moon may square Saturn which again is blocked and cool. So not a lot going for it.

She has had tr Uranus square her Sun/Moon midpoint in 2017 which is often a marriage splitter and tr Uranus now into her 7th house of relationships for several years ahead, which will find her searching for a looser, less conventional relationship. She’s also got tr Saturn square her Uranus Jupiter and Venus this year, plus a dreary tr Pluto square her Yod focal point Saturn in 2018/2019, all of which is downbeat and discouraging. Plus her Progressed Moon going through her 12th for another 18 months which is usually inward-looking and not exactly ecstatic.

Her admirers want her back with Brad Pitt, but that relationship was, if anything worse. Her Saturn squares his Moon Venus in Capricorn; and his Saturn is conjunct her Sun and square her Mars – and that’s blocked every which way on an emotional level. Her Sagittarius Moon admittedly is conjunct his Sun which is good, but that’s about all it has going for it. Their relationship chart has a composite Sun trine a constantly-changing Uranus Pluto, sextile Neptune; with Saturn opposition Uranus Pluto and trine Neptune – constantly on edge and disappointing; and an aggravating, unfair-treatment Mars square Saturn. The composite Moon and Venus are sparsely aspected with only links to Jupiter, which would give a superficial gloss but not enough to overcome the other problems.

Behind the Hollywood gloss and glitter, nothing is much the way it seems.

Florida shooting – NRA funding Republicans



The eighth US mass shooting this year so far and the worst since Sandy Hook in 2012 saw at least 17 die when a mentally disturbed ex-pupil, armed with an assault-style rifle he had purchased legally, went on the rampage. The local police chief called for gun control though Trump appears to be blaming it all on the shooter’s mental health problems. The National Rifle Association and its affiliates spent over $50 million in political ads in the 2016 election, boosting Republicans who promised to support the NRA and targeting Democrats who propose stricter gun laws. Trump was the biggest beneficiary of those ad dollars.

The NRA, 17 November 1871, does look marginally set back on its heels this year with tr Saturn conjunct its warrior-like Mars Saturn in Capricorn; and has the confused/devastating tr Pluto square its Neptune from this March till late 2019. But it is a Sun Scorpio opposition Pluto, so won’t adapt easily to the changing climate of public opinion.

What is strange is that the NRA’s Mars Saturn opposes the US’s Jupiter Venus which might suggest that it hardly suits the country’s sweetie-pie reputation. But the NRA Sun opposition Pluto not only ties into the US’s Aquarius Moon, it also more significantly aspects the can-be fanatical US Mercury opposition Pluto which tends to favour far-right viewpoints.

But for all that the pressure is on and will mount in coming years. The NRA/USA relationship chart will feel, if not winds of change, then at least a nudge to shift ground with tr Pluto trine the composite Sun in 2018/19; and tr Saturn will oppose the composite Jupiter in 2019 which will rub more of the shine off the association. With continuing slow grinding of gears through the early 2020s with tr Pluto trine Saturn and then sextile the Mars. But again that relationship chart is very locked together with a composite Sun opposition Pluto Mars, sextile/trine Saturn and sextile/trine Jupiter. Brutally self-protective.