Pluto in Capricorn – territorial domination

Just a small thought about Pluto in Capricorn (2008 to 2024). Looking back over previous times in history when Pluto was in Capricorn it coincided with the growth of empires and major land grabs. When I first looked at it pre-2008 my thought was that territorial domination didn’t fit with modern geo-politics. But unless ISIL is stopped, it is busy carving out swathes of the Middle East for itself, effectively re-drawing country boundaries, and will no doubt move over into North Africa to do the same.

Gaza – from bad to worse

As if Gaza didn’t have enough problems being stockaded by Israel and under Hamas’s thumb, there is now word that disaffected Hamas militants are moving over to ISIL. ISIL dislike Hamas since they are not ‘Islamic’ enough, ie. not hard-line and have threatened to turn their caliphate campaign against Israel.

The Gaza 9 Nov 1917 9am chart is in a despairing year in 2015 with Solar Arc Neptune conjunct Sun. Then come 2016 tr Saturn will oppose the Gaza Jupiter and square their Virgo Moon – so denting whatever enthusiasm the local population can muster and probably undermining the economy as well. Then late 2016 into 2017 the Solar Arc Mars will square the Moon – a shock for the poor Gazans; with an undermining tr Neptune opposing the Moon in 2017.

Tensions between ISIL and Israel will increase late Feb/March next year.

Donald Trump – speaking the unspeakable

Donald Trump continues to trumpet off tune and continues to rise in the polls (whatever they are worth since they’ve been continually wrong everywhere over the recent past). Even the Republican Party is wincing about his ban-all-Muslims from entering USA speech.

He doesn’t have a particularly horrific chart but does have a loudmouth Mars in Leo conjunct his Leo Ascendant so he undoubtedly likes the sound of his own angry foghorn. His Sagittarius Moon is outspoken and his Gemini Sun Uranus will enjoy being provocative. Maybe he’s just found a productive furrow and will continue to plough it while he’s getting support.

Given the uncertainty of a world still shaken by the financial crisis, rising gun crime and the chaos of the Middle East, he’s giving voice to a section of the population unnerved by the inability of out-of-touch political leadership (not just the USA) to do anything sensible about myriad problems and their inability to speak honestly.

Born 14 June 1946 10.54am New York (ADB), he does have a left hand chart so he’s not good at understanding the ‘other’ point of view with the exception of his family.

His chart does clash with the USA’s since his Sun Uranus are conjunct the USA Mars and his Mars opposes the USA’s Aquarius Moon so he was always going to be a stirrer of difficult issues, drawing ire towards him but also exposing underlying aggravations.

His relationship chart with the USA suggests an emotionally intense, toxic-debate mood running right through 2016. And with tr Pluto in a pushy square to his Jupiter from early 2016 on for two year he’s not going to suddenly get humble or sensible. He’s going to notch up the volume by several scales. He may trip himself up through over-confidence but with his Solar Arc Pluto conjunction his Jupiter, which is hugely successful, over the election and inauguration, I would wonder.

His relationship chart with the GOP looks bad tempered this January and panicked from June onwards. The Republican 6 July 1854 chart equally looks confused and mentally off balance through 2016.

Saint West – an abyss between name and nature

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were delivered of a son, named Saint, on 5th December in the morning in Los Angeles, to go with daughter North, born in June 2013.

Not exactly a saintly chart – a Sun Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune is sort of OK – serious, knowledgeable, opinionated, creative, though also neurotic. But it’s the Mars (Moon) in Libra opposition Uranus square Pluto which is an eye-opener. A great deal of explosive energy all tightly controlled. Huge anger issues, probably with both parents.

The relationship charts with both parents really tricky with a Mars Saturn square Uranus with Ma; and a Mars opposition Uranus Neptune with Pa.

Daughter North, a Sun Jupiter in Gemini like Kanye will incline towards her father. Saint (heaven help us) will incline more towards mother, just, since both share Jupiter in Virgo and she has a Libra Sun. Tricky for Saint with father since Kanye’s Pluto is conjunct his Mars so a real power struggle there. Kim’s Mars is conjunct his Saturn which isn’t good, very bad tempered.

Neither of them have easy charts, poor mites. North has a Moon opposition Neptune square Mars; and this one’s Moon influences are worse.

Forth Road Bridge – old lady creaking

The Forth Road Bridge in Scotland is to be closed due to structural defects at least till the New Year which could cost the economy around £50 million due to higher transport costs as haulage vehicles and business traffic have to take the long route round.
When it was opened on 4 September 1965 it was the fourth biggest suspension bridge in the world and the longest outside the USA. There have been corrosion and cable problems in recent times. A replacement crossing is due to open late 2016 to take the heavier traffic off its elderly shoulders.
The Opening chart has Solar Arc Mars conjunct Pluto now which is paralysis; and an undermining tr Neptune opposing Uranus and Sun in 2016; plus an accident-prone tr Uranus square Mars from late May next year. So it may be hard pushed to stay open until the new one appears.

NRA – finally beginning to crack

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is as per usual sandbagging the seawall against any attempts to stop American citizens buying automatic weapons.
Founded 17 Nov 1871, they may find that pressure of public opinion does begin to bite despite Republicans’ best efforts to support them.
2016 has a jangled and distracted tr Uranus conjunct the NRA Neptune with an undermining Solar Arc conjunct Neptune. Plus a very bad tempered Solar Arc Mars Saturn opposition Mercury. So the arguments will rage though not from the looks of that all in favour of the great John Wayne spirit.

Tashfeen Malik – folie a deux

The female shooter in San Bernadino, Tashfeen Malik, was born 13 July 1986 in Pakistan, brought up in Saudi Arabia and married Farook on 16 Aug 2014.

She was a Sun in Cancer opposition Mars in Capricorn square an Aries North Node; with Sun inconjunct Uranus in Sagittarius. So definitely angry and pro-active. Cancer can be patriotic, attached to the country of birth. Mars in opposition in a Cardinal sign is rash and overly impulsive.

Her Solar Return for this year had Sun Mars opposition Pluto square Uranus so hostile, ruthless, explosive.

Farook’s Solar Return had an exact Sun Mars conjunction; and a Yod of Venus in flamboyant Leo sextile North Node inconjunct Neptune in Pisces – so angry and warped dreams of the afterlife.

Her Cancer Sun (Moon) was conjunct her husband’s Mars in Cancer with her Mars in opposition; and her Uranus opposed his Gemini Sun. So a volatile match that sparked off both their anger issues and rebellious streak.

Their relationship chart had a delusional composite Sun opposition Neptune, trine Pluto and square Jupiter – so a curious mix of idealistic, overly confident, determined, controlling.

Their wedding chart is horrible with a cruel Mars Saturn conjunction opposition Moon and Saturn square Sun.

Her Mars was also opposition the USA Sun and square the USA Saturn as was the case with Farook – so not a country she liked. Her Uranus was also opposition the US Mars and square the US Neptune – a disruptive combination. I’d imagine this was always her intention when she married and came across.

San Bernadino – shooter angry with USA

I’m not sure I want to do another shooting/bombing atrocity. But here we go – again.

The Mars opposition Uranus square Pluto is certainly making its presence felt. Mars moved into Libra just before mid November, running towards the hard aspects on Dec 6/11th and since then there has been a series of more than usually nasty attacks – Beirut, Paris, Mali, Russian plane shot down. Now San Bernadino, which appears to have been at least partially inspired by ISIL though not necessarily promoted by them.

14 are dead and 21 injured after a shooting by a husband and wife at a party at a disability centre in San Bernadino, California on 2nd December at 11am. They also had a stash of bombs and weapons. Though there’s still caution as to what the motives were, work related or terrorist.

Syed Rizwan Farook, US-born of Pakistani origin, 14 June 1987 Chicago, was a health worker. His wife was also Pakistani. He was a Sun Gemini opposition Uranus Saturn in Sagittarius; with Mars Mercury in Cancer opposition Neptune, trine Pluto. What is relevant is that his Mars is conjunct the US Sun and square the US Saturn; and the US Mars is conjunct his Sun and opposition his Saturn Uranus. So a country which aroused his anger in multiple ways.

San Bernadino was incorporated on 10 August 1869. On that chart there’s a violent, destructive Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Mars now and tr Pluto square both. So undoubtedly a major shock and frightening.

On aspects to Fixed stars, the shootings chart.
Sun conjunct Antares – “rival of Mars,” the brightest star in Scorpius (The Scorpion). Associated with rashness and violence. Tough, belligerent and aggressive.

Moon’s North Node conjunct Alkaid – of the nature of Mars, associated with death and mourning. It can claim lives in calamities.

Mars conjunct Vindemiatrix, the widowmaker.
Regarded as unfortunate, associated with deception and disgrace.

Both Saturn and Neptune were in aspect to the Sun/Moon midpoint which often appears highlighted in tragedies with loss of life.

Yahoo not picking up – Marissa Mayer’s future in doubt

Yahoo appear to be in trouble with stagnant growth on the internet side with murmurings that Marissa Mayer’s time ahead as CEO may be short.
Yahoo, 1 March 1995, looks if anything in even worse trouble ahead with tr Neptune conjunct its Pisces Sun in 2016 – Neptune not being a good influence for commerce. Tr Pluto continues the hard-slog sextile to its Saturn in 2016 as well with a financially depressing tr Saturn conjunct Jupiter from Feb till November 2016.

MM’s term chart, 16 July 2012, also has the enthusiasm-dampening tr Saturn opposition Jupiter (and tr Neptune square) at the moment and tr Saturn opposition the financial Venus. From late May 2016 tr Uranus will oppose Saturn and then square the Sun which will upset her applecart, if it doesn’t come before.

Her personal chart, 30 May 1975, has a Gemini Sun opposition Neptune which is catching the tr Saturn hard aspect this December which looks like a setback; with tr Neptune square her Sun in Jan/Feb 2016 which is sinking in a different way. Plus from Feb 2016 for two years she has tr Pluto opposition her Saturn and square her Jupiter.
She hates failure more than most with that Saturn square Jupiter and will push mightily hard not to by done down by the experience. She will get some lift from tr Uranus square her Jupiter/Uranus midpoint in May onwards. But these types always walk away with a he payoff and usually fairly quickly into another venture. Though she will have her downs through the next two years.

Corbyn’s Labour – troughs and storms ahead

The Syria bombing vote saw a goodly chunk of the shadow Labour front bench and many other Labour MPs vote against their leader’s nay-saying to support David Cameron’s motion. There is relentless media muttering that the Labour Party is in meltdown and Corbyn will have to go. But since the electorate is on his side at least over this matter, it’ll have to wait on regional election results to see what comes next. The membership like him a good deal better than his parliamentary colleagues. But party discipline is a shambles, hardly surprising since he never toe-ed the whips’ line himself. But there are hints of bullying tactics in trying to de-select those seen as disloyal. So rancour ahead.

His Leadership chart, 12 Sept 2015 11.42am London, has negative, discouraging and deflating influences as tr Saturn squares Jupiter Moon and Neptune between now and the year end. Tr Neptune then opposes the Moon through 2016 with tr Saturn returning for another dunt mid year – so hugely uncertain and distrusting. Tr Saturn then squares the Sun by December 2016 which could be curtains; or it might well wait for 2018 when tr Pluto will square Uranus.

His own personal chart, 26 May 1949, with Sun, Venus, Mercury, Uranus spread out through Gemini will be wading through the tr Saturn oppositions for the next eighteen months so it won’t be a picnic. He’s also got a really dreary tr Pluto opposition Sun/Saturn from early 2016 till late 2017. Ebertin regards this as having health implications, or at least accompanying a difficult struggle to advance, feeling isolated. He will have some lucky moments in 2016 but not too many.

The Labour Party, 27 Feb 1900, which has tr Saturn square and tr Neptune conjunct the Pisces Sun exactly now is clearly at a low ebb. And with tr Saturn moving on to conjunct Jupiter this December and then Uranus on and off through 2016 as well as opposing Pluto, it’s not a time of cheer or progress.

Tom Watson, the Deputy Leader elected on a separate ticket so not selected by Corbyn, 8 Jan 1967 is facing a hugely pressured, challenging and frustrating time in 2016/17 with tr Pluto conjunct his Capricorn Sun and square his Mars in Libra. His relationship with Corbyn is volatile at the best of times with a composite T square of Jupiter opposition Neptune square Mars Uranus on their relationship chart. The distrust will escalate from mid 2016 onwards till late 2017. And it’ll blow apart altogether in 2018.

John McDonnell, 8 Sept 1951, the Shadow Chancellor who is seen as Corbyn’s closest ally, is a Sun Venus and Mercury in Virgo so also feeling the effect of tr Saturn hard aspects next year; with tr Neptune opposing his Sun in 2017. 2017 looks a disastrous year for him with Solar Arc Mars opposition Neptune, Solar Arc Sun square Pluto and tr Pluto square his Neptune. Next year will also have moments of dashed hopes.

His relationship with Corbyn is labouring badly in 2016/17 with tr Pluto trine the composite Saturn; with a deflating tr Neptune square tr Saturn hitting on their composite Jupiter at the moment. It could rupture altogether come mid 2016 with tr Uranus square the composite Sun.

Diane Abbott, another pro-Corbynite, 27 Sept 1953, isn’t looking any more cheerful than anyone else with tr Saturn in an irritable square to her Mars in December; and an undermining tr Neptune opposition Mars in early 2016. Solar Arc Pluto will conjunct her Saturn in 2016 for a depressing and paralysed few months; with she has a highly strung and rebellious tr Uranus opposition Neptune and square Uranus from next spring onwards.

The one who emerged with plaudits from yesterday’s long Commons Debate was Hilary Benn, 26 Nov 1953, a Sun Sagittarius Moon Leo, who is being spoken off as a potential replacement for Corbyn though that is undoubtedly premature. He’s got a foot-dragging tr Pluto square his Mars through 2016; with a highly unsettled tr Uranus square his Uranus.
He will get come lift from tr Uranus sextile his Jupiter on one end of a mini-Grand Trine to Neptune, sextile Pluto from June onwards next year – and that may translate itself into more power by 2017 when tr Uranus will trine his Pluto. But there are no birth time which doesn’t help.