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  1. Hi Marjorie
    Was just reading an interesting commentary by Eric Francis on PlanetWaves about the Nessus-Neptune conjunction and its prominence over recent years in a number of key events’ charts as well as in this last eclipse. I was wondering whether you have considered it and what your take is?
    Many thanks
    Rgds J

    • Building on that, Marjorie, how do the relationship between the UK and the EU look in the very short-term (3-6 months)? Is there any realistic prospect of revoking Article 50? I am also a bit worried about physical violence breaking out in the UK, given how high passions have been raised. Is there anything in the stars about that?

      As an aside, another astrologer has predicted an Article 50 extension till Christmas 2019 and a deal very advantageous to the UK to be signed by September this year, because apparently the EU will be in major turmoil.

      Apart from astrology, even the FT had an article suggesting that 2019 will be very challenging to the EU, not only with the chances of populists winning votes in the EP elections, but also because almost all the senior posts are coming up for renewal/appointment/election this year. Nationalist/populist national governments are expected to fight quite strongly for those posts.

      • Some people say “there’ll be violence and civil war!”, but I’m not at all sure about that. The average leave voter is over 50. When you need to find your glasses before you lob a missile at the police, it sort of takes the heat out of the moment. Add to the fact that they are also British and will just seethe until they get to the ballot box. It’s political cowardice, they only fear their voting power at the next election. Party and short term interests above the future of the country. If TM had any decency at all, she’d call the whole thing off, apologise to the country on national television, then announce “but hey, to celebrate staying in the EU, Lidl and are going to be selling wine for £1 a bottle” and that’s where they’ll flock and cause riots, not Downing Street. Job done.

        I could see a case for this taking longer than originally planned due to all the planetary retrograde activity in the past year.

  2. Two more Democratic women are entering or expected to enter the presidential race, senators Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar. I like them both. How do their prospects look for 2020?

  3. I thought this went through-guess not.
    Los Angeles’s teachers are on strike.
    UTLA (United Teachers LOS Angeles) started in 1970. Last strike was 1989. 2nd largest school district in the US.
    The superintendent, Austin Beutner is a high flying hedge fund, merger, downsizing guy who was quoted in Forbes saying: “There are ways to educate kids that don’t rely on a physical body.”
    Beutner is listed in Wikipedia and Bloomberg (interesting list of all the large financial organizations he’s worked for there)
    The union President is Alex Caputo-Pearl.

    This seems to fit in with the corporatization of the public sector (citizen’s united Supreme Court case and all that) as well as the encroachment of the digital age into all aspects of human life.

    Seems a bit Orwellian, this era. How was he so prescient?

  4. Second largest school district in the US is in a teacher’s strike against a district whose superintendent, quoted in Forbes said kids don’t need humans.

    Austin Beutner’s comment to a reporter regarding the strike was “There are ways to educate kids that don’t rely on a physical body.” Teachers are not necessary.

    This seems to fit in with the era of corporations taking over (citizens united Supreme Court case) and also our big move into the expansion of the internet era.

    Do you have any thoughts on this? Beutner’s listed in Bloomberg—his career started in hedge funds, mergers, downsizing organizations.
    LAUSD’s teacher union headed by a man named Alex Caputo-Pearl.
    I believe the union, UTLA (United Teachers LOS Angeles) was started in 1970, when the city had its first teacher strike.

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