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The fab four are no more as Prince William and Harry split their households in part for sensible reasons. William will move closer to the throne while Harry, now sixth in line, will be free to pursue a different kind of lifestyle with fewer restrictions. And the Harry Meghan move away from Kensington Palace to Frogmore was as much for reasons of space as anything else. But still the rumours circulate about a rift between the Royal ladies or the brothers. New marriages always throw out old family dynamics so it’s hardly surprising if there’s a phase of re-adjustment.

Although William and Harry have always been close since their parents’ divorce and then their mother’s death, and they do have an affectionate composite Sun Venus in their relationship chart, it hasn’t all been peaceable between them. There’s a Mars square the composite Sun which is competitive and argumentative; and a chained-together Saturn Pluto. That latter has been upended in recent times by tr Uranus in opposition perhaps as their divergent paths of duty became clearer. And tr Neptune was undermining the composite Moon when Harry became engaged, so perhaps the stories of his disappointment at lack of support from William over his choice of bride isn’t too far wrong.

On the synastry, there’s a really positive crossover with Harry’s Taurus Moon conjunct William’s Moon. Though Harry’s Pluto is conjunct William’s Jupiter and Midheaven, which does suggest a one-upmanship dynamic with Harry being fairly controlling. And William’s Saturn and Pluto are conjunct Harry’s Venus in Libra which will put up barriers between them. So pluses and minuses.

Kate and Meghan do have tricky crossovers since both their Mars conjuncts the other’s Moon, which will be ratchety, especially since Kate’s Mars is also conjunct Meghan’s Saturn which is doubly gritty. And Kate’s Mars and Saturn Pluto are in Meghan’s 4th so behind the scenes she will be controlling, which won’t sit comfortably with Meghan’s 4th house Pluto which is scared of being cornered and manipulated.

Their relationship chart has a struggle-for-the-upper-hand composite Jupiter Pluto; with a power-struggling Sun Pluto as well; plus a needs-space, volatile Mars (Moon) square Venus Uranus. Not ideal. It started badly around the time of the engagement with tr Uranus opposing the composite Pluto and now has tr Uranus opposing the composite Sun as final decisions are made and Meghan withdraws towards motherhood.

Kate’s dress choices have spruced up noticeably in recent times away from the distinctly dowdy outfits she was veering towards before on occasion, so there will have been an element of rivalry.

All families have complicated dynamics, the Royals multiplied by 100 given ranking etc and it’s not easy with the media stoking up trouble. No doubt it’ll all shake down given time and space.

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  1. This has a feeling of astrology taking them all in the right direction. Harry is reported to have an understandable loathing of the media and with Saturn over his ascendant and Marjorie saying that Meghan will withdraw into motherhood, perhaps the press will leave them alone to have quieter lives out of the limelight much like Princess Anne’s children who appear to be happy and relaxed.

  2. Would be interesting to see a comparison of Harry’s and Andrew’s charts, as they’ve shared the experience of diminution as the heir’s primary family expanded. Hope Harry does better.

  3. Does a perfect relationship chart exist? i had one full of gran trines with one employer but he was a nightmare to work for and I disliked him. only good thing was I earned a lot of money and could work at home. i wish people would stop obsessing over these young men and leave them alone.

  4. The gossip rags here in the colonies now speak to Harry having an American lover on the side. No doubt intent on disrupting the marriage & new addition(s). I’m not one for such wasteful thinking but this can only make matters worse.

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