Juno overcomes Jupiter’s terrors – an amazing accomplishment

Juno Probe


The Juno space probe has successfully been put into orbit round Jupiter, after a five year journey from Earth. The spacecraft completed a high-risk manoeuvre to slow down as it approached the planet, firing a rocket based on calculations which, if only slightly wrong, would have seen the £890-million probe drift past into oblivion. It squeezed through a narrow band, skimming Jupiter’s surface, avoiding the worst of both its radiation belt and its dangerous dust rings, and was said a jubilant director ‘the hardest thing NASA has ever done’.

It set off from Cape Canaveral on 5 Aug 2011 at 4.25pm UT which gives the most amazing chart with a Grand Sextile comprised of two Grand Trines – Earth of Mercury (conjunct the majestic Regulus) trine Pluto trine Jupiter; and Water/Air of Mars trine Scorpio Moon trine Neptune in late Aquarius.  The leg of each of these Grand Trines are formed into triple Kites by oppositions, which tie the two Grand Trines together – Mars opposition Pluto, Mercury opposition Neptune and Moon opposition Jupiter.

The Ascendant is conjunct Arcturus which gives ‘an enterprising and pioneering spirit’. The MC is conjunct Procyon which is ‘single-minded,  strong-willed and capable of putting thoughts and plans into action. Though changeable and unpredictable, rising to great heights though can bring them crashing down.’  Cross fingers it survives on a high for the next twenty months.

The chart does have a marked leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17th Harmonic.

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