Jeremy Kyle – trash TV catches a tragic reality check



Jeremy Kyle, a UK tabloid talk show host has seen his highly popular series, which has run since 2005, cancelled indefinitely following the death by suicide of a guest after an as-yet un-broadcast item. The show is based on confrontations in which guests attempt to resolve issues with their significant others. During a prosecution after a violent incident on a former show, a District Judge called it “human bear-baiting”.

Kyle born 7 July 1965, is a Sun Cancer in a Water Grand Trine to Neptune in Scorpio trine Saturn in Pisces, formed into a Kite by Saturn opposition Pluto Uranus in Virgo and square Jupiter in Gemini. A complicated individual – highly strung with so many Mutable planets and expansive, over-confident with a focal point Jupiter, not always realistic with a Water Grand Trine, a pusher of boundaries and a destabiliser with driving planets Pluto Uranus. Plus an intense Scorpio Moon.

This year’s Eclipses were always going to upset his applecart with the January Capricorn Solar Eclipse at the same degree and opposition his Sun; and the July Cancer Eclipse is conjunct his Sun.  Tr Neptune is also conjunct his Saturn and square his Jupiter, not exact, but around this year and returning from mid August and into 2020 – which is undermining. His Solar Arc Uranus Pluto opposition Saturn may also be colliding with his Moon.

He’s very unlike the original USA tabloid talk show host, Jerry Springer, 13 February 1944 11.45pm London, England, whose chart is mainly communicative Air with a dash of attention-demanding Fire. He’s a Sun Aquarius in an Air Grand Trine to a Libra Moon trine Saturn in Gemini, formed into a Kite by Sun opposition Jupiter in flamboyant Jupiter in Leo. He’s got a seond Air Grand Trine of Neptune trine Mercury in Aquarius trine Uranus in Gemini, formed into a Kite by Mercury opposition influential, leadership-ability 10th house Pluto North Node in Leo. So much less emotional than Kyle, though the show ran along the same lines featuring fighting between guests. Springer’s Mars is conjunct Uranus and one side and Saturn on the other, sextile Pluto and trine both Neptune and Moon so again completely different


4 thoughts on “Jeremy Kyle – trash TV catches a tragic reality check

  1. An odious, vindictive programme with no redeeming qualities at all.

    ITV have permanently dropped it. Hard to believe people in this day and age would
    view such inhumane drivel.

  2. Thanks Marjorie, not a problem. I guess an intense Scorpio Moon and Pluto/Uranus sandwiching his Sun would do it just as good as Mars? All the best

  3. Hi Marjorie

    Always trying to learn but I’m a little confused. You say his Mars is unaspected but isn’t in a sextile with Mercury and Venue by orbs of 4 and 3 degs respectively?
    Thanks for clarifying for me.
    Rgds j

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