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David Cameron, former PM who pressed the button on the Brexit referendum then resigned in the aftermath of a result he hadn’t expected, has let it be known that he’s bored witless and would like to return to front line politics – to loud guffaws from the media and cartoonists.

I would have to confess I never quite ‘got’ Cameron either in the political flesh or astrologically. The charm and smarm is obvious from a Sun Venus in Libra and a Moon Jupiter in Leo in an over-promising square to Mercury in Scorpio. What runs across that grain is a leading-edge, revolutionary Uranus Pluto in Virgo is a persevering and depressive opposition to Saturn, sextile/trine Neptune – and if his birth time of 5.30am is accurate, square a Gemini midheaven. With Neptune opposition an 8th house Node in Taurus widely square a 12th house Mars in Leo.  It’s almost as if he has three completely different strands to his character which have never quite integrated – all that showed was the outer shell with no real inner substance.

What certainly didn’t help him, birth time being sound, is he was elected PM when tr Saturn was on his Ascendant moving downwards through his First Quadrant which is usually a time of mis-steps on the ambition front and ego-dents.  He’s out of that from late last year so will want to be more visible in the outside world in the years ahead.

But feeding his ego isn’t where it’s at until tr Neptune heads out of Pisces in the mid 2020s since it’s moving through his 6th and opposing his Pluto, Uranus, conjunct his Saturn and square his midheaven from 2020 till 2024. He be better advised to go down the David Milliband route onto an international humanitarian track.

Cameron looks discouraged and nervy this year and next; seriously jangled in 2020. He’ll get some lift from tr Uranus square his Jupiter in early 2019 but that’s about it.

He isn’t quite as disliked by the UK as Tony Blair – Blair’s relationship chart with the UK makes you wonder how he ever got elected with a composite Uranus opposition Mercury square Mars Pluto. Cameron’s relationship with the UK show some positives and a resentful stuck-with-him-for-now but there’s no indication of a shit there. His relationship charts with the Conservative Party 1912 and 1867 are definitely in the never-again category.

It’s not that he doesn’t have talent with a strong 5th and 17th Harmonic; though he’s also got an equally strong self-defeating 10H.

Add on: Two things of astrological note:-

His 2nd Term chart 8 May 2015 12.30pm had bulldozer Mars in Taurus in the 10th conjunct Algol, the destructive Fixed Star, which makes sense of Brexit. Plus a Yod of Neptune sextile Pluto inconjunct Jupiter in Leo, of which Tierney says: ‘Allows a strong impact on mass consciousness but ultimately with fateful consequences often brought by the individual’s self-aggrandizement.’ Plus the uncertain Saturn square Neptune; and disruptive Uranus square Pluto Moon. And a very accentuated 7th house Neptune hinting at lack of commitment to agreements.

His personal chart was odd at the time of Brexit with his Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his 12th house Uranus exactly and tr Jupiter in the aftermath conjunct his Pluto Uranus. That usually suggests a release of tension – ‘thank heavens that’s over.’ Which I rather took at the time for being a sign he’d got the result he wanted. But looking at it now, it’s arguable he actually wanted to give up. Tr Pluto had been squaring his Sun in the previous 18 months putting him under immense pressure to change. And at Brexit in June 2016 tr Pluto was also exactly trine his 8th house North Node in Taurus, which is obscure but there were undoubtedly tectonic shifts going on deep in his unconscious.

I go back to my earlier point of him not having integrated his Uranus Pluto Saturn into his life. And that’s his challenge now. He’s like an addict having a relapse wanting to go back to what was familiar rather than striking out in a direction that would release his full potential. He’s got talent, but he became PM too young with not enough experience of life.



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  1. Marjorie – as a point of information – Cameron did work in industry for Carlton for 7 years before becoming an MP – but in any event, it seems to me that the qualities of leadership are really about the individual themselves rather than the cv.

    When he was defeated in the referendum he could only have continued with the complete support of his party, which he knew he didn’t have. Some of them had made clear they were going to try to get rid of him even if he had won. So, in practical terms , the choice was resign immediately or be forced out shortly afterwards.

    Politics in the UK seems a rough old game and people seem to like nothing more than to give a good kicking to its leaders. But the world turns and opinions change. I would like to see him back in public life at some stage.

    • You’re right he became Director of Corporate Affairs for Carlton Media group when he was 28 on the recommendation of his late mother-in-law Lady Astor. That job handles internal and external company communications, government relations, PR and public policy – so isn’t too far from the Westminster bubble.

  2. Not much sympathy from me for Cameron I am afraid.

    Like Harold Wilson he saw a European Referendum as a quick fix to domestic political problems. Sadly for him the voters in 2016 were accommodating as those in 1975 .

    I suppose Cameron could be forgiven for getting the political call wrong but it is hard to excuse his subsequent behaviour. When the going got tough he simply ran away and left his party and his people to deal with the consequences. If he had done his duty as he should then he might still be PM.

    Whatever her faults and mistakes at least Theresa May has stuck to her post during the storm.

  3. Thank you Marjorie for what I think is a very fair and balanced assessment. For those who think he’s hard done by, perhaps part of the problem was that he was too nice. He let IDS run away with his ideological austerity policies for which the poor and disabled have suffered terribly, he let Gove **** up education, let Jeremy Hunt destroy the NHS. Far too nice to his Chipping Norton mates too, despite conflicts of interest. On a personal level, I imagine he’s a good person to have as a friend! But negotiating the remain package with the EU which my children’s future depends on?

    If his birth time is right, he does he does have a very eastern dominated chart. His ascendant, although in Libra and ruled by Venus also in Libra, is on the ascendant. This may describe someone who is very concerned with those they meet personally, so a minister like IDS has a louder voice to him than those not in front of him, the poor and the realities they face. He will have been raised to have a sort of “everyone can be fine as long as they just jolly well pull themselves up by their bootstraps” mentality, with that in mind and what he’s been through, I don’t think he’s OK, actually and on a human level I hope he has the strength and awareness to seek help and support.

    • My objection to his sort which is nothing to do with the astrology is the straight trajectory from school, university (Eton and Oxford) into political life. Osborne was much the same. There was a lot wrong in ye olden days when men who had established themselves in the world went into parliament. But at least they had lived in the real world and not existed solely in the Westminster bubble.
      Profumo – different story – but when he had his epic fail, he retreated into obscurity and did good works for three decades.
      Cameron and Blair have ego problems adjusting to not being kingpins. Tant pis. Suck it up and learn humility. There’s a wide world out there they need to learn to inhabit, doing something useful.

      • Yes you’re right and I think it’s telling that those who have been a bit better at taking it on the chin, May, Brown and Major, were ministers before they became PM, whereas Cameron and Blair only had Shadow roles. There’s plenty for Cameron to do out there in his “big society”, there is no need to be bored these days, believe me.

  4. I could not agree with you more, Tess. As someone forced to give up a business I spent 30 years building, I understand the loss of purpose and the unwillingness of people to give me a chance even to do charity work because of my mental health issues that have arisen because of this unwanted retirement. Give the man a break.

  5. David Cameron was well enough liked as PM before the Referendum to pull off the surprise Tory win in the 2015 General Election. As Tess says he is a very clever man and once gave a speech at the Tory Conference completely without notes which was widely praised at the time. Ironically it was the surprise win that led to his downfall as he had no choice then but to call the Referendum.

  6. David Cameron did deliver the Brexit vote as promised.The British people were given the vote as it was never expected to be leave! He then abandoned ship and bottled it.I do not think that is admirable in a Prime minister as its tarred his reputation.

  7. This above is very negative. There is a lot more to his Chart, than what you are stating. He has a spiritual side and with his Jupiter/Moon in the 11th has a good connection with the people. He called a Referendum, that had to be called at some point, and now is vilified. Pluto is transiting is 4th House and will do for a few more years. However, he is a very clever man and will reinvent himself. He still has a lot to offer and has been through some very hard times: losing a much loved child for a start. The inverted snobbery dished out at this man, depicts the worse in the UK. Astrologers, of all people, should be aware that any birth chart is a learning curve and should not be too judgemental.

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