Carol Channing – unstoppable exuberance



Carol Channing, the larger than life, irrepressible comic Broadway star of “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” and “Hello, Dolly!” has died aged 97. “She brought to the stage a beguiling energy, striking presence and a dazzling song-and-dance technique. Her frantic delivery, huge, saucer-shaped eyes and remorselessly wide grin came to epitomise Hollywood’s idea of the dizzy blonde.” (Telegraph). And she kept on going, appearing in a revival of “Hello, Dolly!” when she was 74 and ten years later she was a hit in cabaret act.

Born 31 January 1921 9pm Seattle, Washington, she had an entertaining 5th house Sun in outrageous Aquarius (often a comedian’s sign) opposition musical Neptune. Her passionately enthusiastic Venus Mars in Pisces was on her Descendant, giving her an exuberant way of putting herself across and Venus Mars opposed Saturn Jupiter in Virgo and trined a Scorpio Moon – so she was a complicated mix of light and dark, optimistic and pessimistic, sensitive and brash.

She also had a controlling and influential Pluto in the 10th. Not the easiest of personalities and she was married four times but rarely dull.

Her creative 5th and 7th harmonics were notable, especially the 7H, as was her actor’s 15H and super-star 22H.


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  1. Using a biwheel, put her last Solar Return in the inner wheel and her natal chart in the outer wheel. We see the following:
    1. The natal 8th cusp of death has conjuncted her SR Asc-Uranus.
    2. The natal 4th cusp of endings has conjuncted her SR Pluto, significator of death.
    3. Her natal Moon, her body, has conjuncted the SR 8th House cusp.
    Thus her last Solar Return was very indicative of what would happen to her during

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