Marjorie Orr featuring: Astrology of Today’s News

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  • Trump Putin bro-romance not all hugs and smiles

           The Trump-Putin meeting kicked off at 1.12 pm in Helsinki with the Russian leader turning up late as is his wont. It’s an interesting chart – very money and business-oriented – though not remotely comfortable. There’s a self-protective and private Water Grand Trine of Jupiter in Scorpio in the financial 2nd trine Neptune trine a Cancer MC, formed into a Kite by MC and Sun opposition Pluto. It’s difficult to interpret a driving planet Pluto on the IC – Pluto rules all that is hidden, underground, sewers etc – while the IC represents the foundations, home, family, roots, land, father, unconscious fears. A struggle for control of territory playing on unconscious fears? There’s also a commercially-minded Earth Grand …Keep reading »
  • Madonna – ageless and unstoppable at 60

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         Madonna, the wildly provocative, confrontational and always sexual pop phenomenon who crashed onto the scene four decades ago will be 60 next month. She’s never made a comeback since she’s never gone away and is now embarking on her 14th album, as well as directing an MGM film about a ballet dancer and adapting a novel for film. Although she’s regarded not unfairly as a narcissist with a ‘gigantic, nuclear-strength ego, frying to a cinder all before it’ she’s also credited with being one of the great influencers including opening up gay culture to the mainstream. Born 16 August 1958 in Bay City, MI (7.05am?)  she’s not surprisingly a Sun Leo (the flamboyant entertainer’s sign), with her Sun …Keep reading »
  • Brexit panics starting to rise

         The UK populace has been sleep-walking through the Brexit negotiations whether through a misplaced we’ll-muddle-through-somehow-since-we-always-have attitude, or just out of sheer torpor. Who’d know who to believe? Nick Cohen in the Guardian likens Brexit Britain to a burning building with no exits and a country paralysed in the grip of an uncontrollable neurosis. Dan Hodges in the Mail chirpily insists the PM has aces up her sleeve.  Christopher Booker says ‘May’s latest proposal is so detached from reality that it can only end next March in the ultimate disaster, where we crash out without an agreement – chaos will ensue as we are shut out of our largest export market. Whole industries will go into meltdown. It will …Keep reading »
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  • Kylian Mbappe – a banlieue boy with a unique talent

         French football success in the world cup (so far) comes with a twist since many of their players, including the star Kylian Mbappe, are banlieue boys. The banlieues are effectively ghetto areas with large, working-class (or more often unemployed), non-white communities, synonymous with riots and social strife, thought of as breeding grounds for crime and terrorism. Yet 8 out of the 23 possible players come from these blights on France’s social conscience to which Macron has still found no answer. Mbappe was born 20 December 1998 1.47am Paris, with a Cameroon-born, football-coach/agent father and a former handball-playing Algerian mother. He has a sharp-witted 3rd house sporty Sagittarius Sun in an inspirational Fire Grand Trine to Saturn in forced-to-be-self-reliant …Keep reading »
  • Katie Price – a life of tabloid turmoil

         Katie Price, a sort of UK answer to the Kardashians, started life as a glamour model and became a television personality, author, singer, designer and businesswoman and is now worth many millions.  She’s had a complicated and lurid love life, lived out through the tabloids with an illegitimate disabled child, three former husbands and four other children. And is now romancing a much younger fitness instructor. Her two middle children are now reportedly living with her ex and their father, Peter Andre; and she’s making a new show Katie Price: My Crazy Life in which she slags off husband No 3. Born 22 May 1978 in Brighton, with divorced parents, she’s a Sun Gemini opposition a Scorpio/Sagittarius Moon and …Keep reading »
  • Tom Cruise – action man pulls it off again

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         Tom Cruise appears to be unstoppable with his sixth Mission Impossible just out garnering rave reviews and a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. He returns as US agent Ethan Hunt, battling a global catastrophe while defying death with alarming regularity and doing his own stunts. Which in this one led to a broken ankle during shooting when a leap off a building went wrong. Born 3 July 1962 in Syracuse, New York at maybe 3.06pm, he’s a Sun Cancer but with an incredibly Fixed chart. His Mars in ultra-determined Taurus makes a high-adrenaline square to Uranus in Leo. His Venus in showy Leo and Leo North Node oppose Saturn in Aquarius square Neptune in Scorpio – leading to …Keep reading »
  • Jim Jordan – twinned with Palin. Gotti Jnr, Beck

         Deep state, fake news and #metoo are being bandied about in the increasingly heated debate about what Jim Jordan, Republican congressman in Ohio knew about widespread sexual abuse by a team doctor when he was assistant wrestling coach at the university. First he flatly denied knowing anything, then he said he might have heard locker room rumours – to date nine former wrestlers and a former coach said they knew and three allege Jordan knew and did nothing. He and his supporters claim he’s being smeared because he has been grilling federal investigators, probing alleged collusion by the Trump campaign with the Russians and has been put forward as a potential speaker by the House Freedom Caucus if …Keep reading »