Marjorie Orr featuring: Astrology of Today’s News

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  • John Bolton – surrender not an option

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             The hawkish John Bolton – for bombing Iran and North Korea –  has been announced as HR McMaster’s replacement for National Security Adviser, a post which requires no Senate confirmation. He was for the Iraq attack on Saddam Hussein and still thinks it was a good idea. He is a frequent Fox News commentator who has impressed Trump with his appearances; though he differs on Putin whom he distrusts and on free trade. Known for his intelligence, stubborn ideology, rudeness, arrogance and contempt for those who questions his views, he has been described as “stunningly impolitic”. Born 20 November 1948, he has an intense late Scorpio Sun with Mercury also in Scorpio square Pluto, which will give him …Keep reading »
  • UK Labour Party possibles to step up

           Amongst the jostle for contenders for the after-Jeremy Corbyn slot if he does depart in 2019/2020 are Emily Thornberry, Keir Starmer and Angela Raynor. The two women face up uphill struggle since the Labour Party has never had a female leader, except by default when a Deputy briefly stepped up briefly. And despite the general global climate for equality, the shift to harder left in the Labour Party plays against women since they are more misogynist than most. None of these charts have birth time so there is missing info. Emily Thornberry, 27 July 1960 is a showy and idealistic Sun Venus in Leo square Neptune; with a volatile and outspoken Mars in Taurus square Uranus, with …Keep reading »
  • Mark Anthony Conditt – forgot the sixth commandment

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        The Austin Texas bomber, Mark Anthony Conditt, was responsible, police believe, for a 19-day spell of five explosions that killed two people and injured five more. He then blew himself up. Net sources put the date of his birth as 16 June 1994. He was home schooled in a “conservative, strictly religious” family; attended a teenage Christian “survivalist” group that discussed weapons and dangerous chemicals; and took part in a conservative outdoors club called Righteous Invasion of Truth (RIOT), in which home-schooled young people studied the Bible and were taught gun skills. He posted a “Defining my Stance” piece in which he said gay marriage should be illegal, was pro-death penalty and mused on “why we might want to …Keep reading »
  • Katie Boyle – a sparkling madcap Gemini

        Katie Boyle, a vibrant compere of the Eurovision Song context in years gone by and a UK television favourite for three decades, has died. She was born 29 May 1926 to an English mother and a mad Italian aristo father, who took custody of her aged five when the marriage split. She was expelled from various schools and eventually consigned to a mental asylum after she had an affair with an Italian secret policeman aged 18. As the war finished she was despatched back to her mother in England, took up modelling, married Viscount Boyle, an Irish aristo, divorced him seven years later and married a Lloyds Underwriter. He was the love of her life and after he …Keep reading »
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  • Nicholas Sarkozy – speedy Sarko slowing to a crawl

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        Nicolas Sarkozy, former French President has been taken into police custody for questioning over allegations that he received campaign funding from the late Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi. Possible charges in this case would be influence peddling, fraud, handling of stolen goods and money laundering though it has not yet reached the stage where charges may or may not be laid.  He was detained in 2014 in a separate investigation into alleged campaign funding abuses – the first time ever for a French ex-president; and has been ordered to stand trial in a separate case of alleged illicit campaign financing. He was previously cleared over claims that he had used secret funding from L’Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt and that …Keep reading »
  • Jeremy Corbyn – wrong-footed by the Russia affaire

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          The cracks in the UK Labour Party are widening with moderates up in arms at what they see as Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-western stance in his slippery response to the Skripal poisoning. As one former minister puts it: “The instinct is to support Russia because your enemy’s enemy is your friend. It’s not anti-war, it’s anti-West.”  And one MP said if he were elected as PM: “If I’m honest, I think he would be a threat to national security.” He’s winning on the economic arguments, but the takeover of the party at all levels by hardliners is causing alarm as well. The Labour Party, 27 February 1900 chart, is on a Saturn Return this year, so a sobering …Keep reading »
  • Ant & Dec – the lovely pair pulled apart

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          The inseparable duo of Ant & Dec, the hugely popular Brit TV hosts for Saturday Night Takeaway and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, has taken a knock after Ant McParlin was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of drunk driving after a car crash.  He went into rehab last year for addiction to painkillers and alcohol. ITV’s Primetime show has been cancelled this Saturday. He has been in a highly lucrative partnership for 20 years with Declan Donnelly, who wrote in their autobiography: ‘‘We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have enjoyed such a remarkable time. Throughout it all, we’ve always had one constant that’s kept us sane – each other. In two decades, we’ve never spent …Keep reading »